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How to replace dimmer switch 1991 olds cutlass ciera?


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2005-10-23 02:39:58
2005-10-23 02:39:58

You will need to disconnect battery, remove horn pad, pull steering wheel with wheel puller,remove some dash plastic, and once you are that far it is a matter of removing a few torx fasteners, dropping the column, ( two bolts) and feeding the harness down. Basic tools. It may sound harder than it is; it's not that bad. Good luck.


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It is bolted on the steering column behind the dash, along with the dimmer switch. You have to drop the column and unscrew the switch. Problem is, the plug with the wiring also has the wiring for the turn signals and dimmer switch. You may have to do some splicing unless you want to feed a harness up the column.

The ECM is located behind the glovebox on a 1991 Cutlass Ciera. Pull the glove box out to see it. Once located remove the mounting hardware and unplug it from the car. Replace the unit.

It does not have one (only fords products have them)

If you are thinking of an inertia switch for the fuel pump, no.

you need p185/75/r14 i have a 93 cutlass ciera and that's whats on mine.

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The brake light switch is located on a bracket behind the brake pedal support.

your switch that controls the compresser might be bad.

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The 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass turn signal relay switch can be found below the dashboard. The relay switch will be on the drivers side of the passenger compartment.

i used this document for my 93 ciera. amazingly easy to follow. http://www.installdr.com/InstallDocs/GM/PDF/460009.pdf

Yes there were, Oldsmibile built Cutlass Ciera for a number of years, starting in the early '80's. Yes there were, Oldsmibile built Cutlass Ciera for a number of years, starting in the early '80's.

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The Kelley Blue book on a 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera ranges from $1825 - $2175.

Unplug the wire on the side,remove the screw on it,,pull it off and replace with new one.

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