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I think a step by step guide is beyond the scope of the faq farm. It's a reasonably straightforeward job but involves slacking and removing the cambelt from the cam sprocket.Then unbolt the head and lift off after coolant draining and removal of the inlet manifold and exhaust.Best to buy a haynes manual or borrow one from local library for a week.Geoff.

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Q: How to replace head gasket on Vauxhall Astra 16i 8V l 94 Plate?
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What does insp2 mean on vauxhall astra 54 plate?

You have a bulb out...

Which oil do you need for Vauxhall Astra 1.6?

what oil do i need for my astra 1.6 petrol. 58 plate

What MK is your vauxhall astra 1.6cc 2002 51 plate?


How do you change park light bulb astra?

how do you change a parking light bulb on a vauxhall astra 06 plate please.

What does insp3 mean on your vauxhall astra 06 plate?

Low battery voltage of remote key.

How do you change a number plate light bulb on vauxhall astra?

Prise the holder out of the bumper, then the bulb is accessible

How do you open electric hood on vauxhall Astra convertible 51 plate?

Hello, look at the manual.It tells you in there indetail.

How do you change front headlight bulb on Vauxhall Astra?

To change a headlight on an 08 plate astra, you need to go in through the wheel arch with the streering lock full on.

What fuse is what on a vauxhall astra 04 plate car?

To find out which fuse goes to what on a Vauxhall Astra Pate Car look on the fuse box cover. One fuse box is located under the dash and the other one is in the engine compartment.

When do you need to change the cam belt on a 55 plate vauxhall meriva it has done 58.000 miles so far.?

on my 06 plate astra i was told at 60 k it has to be done

How do you know if the head gasket has gone on a 2000 plate vauxhall astra?

Usualy if you look under the oil cap and it looks like creamy coulourd mayo its a good sign its gone, other signs are scum in your coolant bottle and white smoke from the exhaust

What is causing the engine light to constantly stay on in a vauxhall astra on 2001 plate but the car is running fine?


How do you turn out an engine warning light on an 02 plate Vauxhall Astra?

The light is on because there is a fault somewher. To turn the light of you fix the fault.

When do you change cam belt on a vauxhall astra 56 plate?

It should be done every 40,000 miles this is what the main and local dealer has told me.

Cam belt timing marks for vauxhall astra petrol 1600cc 8v 1999 -2000 on x plate?

i have replaced the cylinder head and new head gasket, and need to fit the cam belt, but need to know the timng marks for both crank and cam , thank you

What number is the fuse for a cigarette lighter on a vauxhall astra 03 plate?

Fuse no. will be on back of pull out box which is located right of steering wheel - but lower down.

How often do you need to change the cam belt on a 2002 vauxhall astra?

How often do you need to change the cam belt on an Astre 1.6 club 2000 plate

How do you replace a window regulator on a vauxhall vectra 51 plate?

very carefully:) well pillock

How do you remove front seats in a Vauxhall combo van?

I need to remove the front seat to my Vauxhall combo van to replace the seat belt clip, the is Van on an N Plate it's a Vauxhall COMBO 1.7. Many Thanks

How do you replace the differential gasket on a 1990 Chevy scottsdale 1500 series pickup truck?

If you look up under the back of the truck at the rear end housing, you will see a round plate with at least 10 bolts in it. Take all the bolts out. When you remove the plate grease will run out. Clean old gasket off, replace with new gasket, Put plate back on and fill with grase.

Why would you hear a grinding noise when the clutch is depressed even when in neutral Vauxhall Vectra?

This happened to me 2 months ago on my Astra. New clutch! Unfortuantely it means clutch plate is knackered. replace it whilat the car is still driveable or it'll go on you at the worst possible time!

Which oil do you put in a vauxhall astra 1.8 16v bertone 53 plate?

General Motors recommended 10w40 synth or semi when the car was built. They then chaged to 5w30. Either should be fine.

Vauxhall corsa 57 plate where is the OBD connector?

You should look around at the whole package to get the OBD connector for Vauxhall Corsa 57 plate.

What fuse should you change for screen wash on vauxhall astra 56 plate?

Has the boot locked shut? If so it is a common problem on Astra's due to freezing. You need to go and see your local vauxhall dealer for the screen wash fuse to be changed. It costs approx £12 Marty Farty

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