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Roll the window down and disconect the negative battery post:

1. Remove the inside door panel by first removing the screws under the door handle, and at the base of the panel.

2. Next pop off the cover around the handle.

3. Next pry the door panel off with a pry tool starting at the bottom of the door and working your way up.

4. Once the panel is loose, lift it straight up to release it from the top catches of the window "sill". Don't force section by the mirror push down to release tab.

5. Remove the speaker and disconnect the wire plug connecting it.

6. Locate and disconnect the plug for the power mirror behind the speaker cavity.

7. There are three bolts behind the mirror assembly. One is located through a rectangular opening (also used as an upper retainer catch for the door panel). The other two are behind a sticky insulation pad below the rectangular hole. Once the bolts are removed, the mirror assembly can be pulled out.

8. When reattaching the wire fitting for electric mirror be sure you attach or tape the wire away from the window and test that it does not impede the window up and down movement.

9. Reattach panel in reverse order that you removed it.

Check the link on the right for a detailed descrition with photo's

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Q: How to replace the side mirrors on a 1995 through 2006 Ford Explorer all models?
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