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There can be a few different issues, but most commonly, leg cramps are a classic sign of low tissue calcium. Vitamin D allows you to absorb calcium in the gut and pull it into the blood stream. Essential fatty acids push the calcium from the blood to the tissues. Cramping in the legs can be due to low calcium intake, low vitamin D, low essential fatty acids or an imbalance between vitamin D and EFA's. If there is too much D it will pull the calcium out of the tissue and the muscles will cramp. The same mechanism applies to sun burn. Calcium protects your skin from burning. When you are out in the sun too long you can produce too much vitamin D which when unopposed by the essential fatty acids will leave the skin vulnerable for burning. Bottom line, if you take vitamin D, take it in the morning. If you get cramps take calcium lactate (first choice) or calcium citrate (second choice) and don't waste your time with the carbonate form. Then add some essential fatty acids like fish oil, butter, olive oil or the best one is a supplement from a company called Standard Process called Cataplex F. It is a dry essential fatty acid that is already metabolized and will very quickly drive calcium into the tissues and will stop cramps usually within 10-15 minutes. Taking calcium and an essential fatty acid before bed each night will usually stop the cramps from happening to begin with. One other note, the same mechanism applies for all of you that get cold sores. The virus only becomes active when tissue levels of calcium get low . . . and . . . don't confuse blood levels of calcium with tissue levels of calcium . . . two different things!

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Q: How to stop legs from cramping?
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