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  • Check the following Fuses
    • In the power distribution box under the hood, fuse 11 (20A)
    • In the interior fuse panel, fuse 33 (15A) for the high beams should be intact
    • In the interior fuse panel, fuses 4 and 8 (10 A each). These feed the low beams downstream of the headlamp and the Multifunction Switch
  • Multifunction Switch (turn signal stalk)
    • This switch may make a buzzing sound when switching between high and low beams
  • Message Center Console - Lights Out Module (LOM)
    • LOM - If you have a model with the Message Center you will have a LOM. You access it by removing the center console (just pull up firmly). You can replace it or you may be able to solder a faulty connection. It is common for the connections to work their way out or for the module itself to go bad.
    • Models with no Message Center Console do not have an LOM
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Q: How to troubleshoot a headlight low beam or high beam outage in a Ford Explorer?
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where is the head light timer on 96 ford explorer

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Fog lights.if equipped

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