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How to use fiberglass?

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Fiberglass is mainly used by builders as an insulator between 2 walls. It fills in a gap. Fiberglass is horrible to touch and will give you a terrible itch for days.

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What is that stuff you use to insulate your house?

Fiberglass is the most common for the walls. Blown in cellulose or fiberglass for the ceiling.

What can you use to make the blades of a windmill?

you can use wood or fiberglass

Can you use vinegar on fiberglass?

Yes, it is possible.

Can fiberglass golf shaft attract lightning?

I don't know if they make fiberglass golf shafts but fiberglass does not conduct electricity that is why people who work around electricity use fiberglass ladders. Graphite shafts do conduct electricity.

Does Copenhagen have fiberglass in it?

Most tobacco does, copenhagen uses sand, grizzly and skoal use fiberglass because, its not as strong as copenhagen.

How do you make your own body kit?

you have to use fiberglass

Fiberglass Repair?

form_title= Fiberglass Repair form_header= Repair the fiberglass in your home. Where is the fiberglass cracked?*= _ [50] How old is the fiberglass?*= _ [50] Have you had to get the fiberglass repaired before?*= () Yes () No

How do you remove adhesives from fiberglass?

Both Goo Gone and Goof-Off are good on fiberglass. Don't use acetone, it may mar the surface.

When was the first fiberglass pole vault used?

In 1952 Bob Mathias, a decathlon athlete, became the first Olympian to use a fiberglass pole.

What is fiberglass grating?

Fiberglass grating is made to look similar to metal grates in industral use, but since it is made of fiberglass it is corrosion and impact resistant. Fiberglass grating has low electric and heat conductivity and can be made strong enough for fork lifts or even trucks to travel over.

Is there a downside to having a fiberglass salt water pool in the Sarasota Florida area?

NO Fiberglass salt water pools are a great system regardless of where you use them.

Is fiberglass a conductor?

No, fiberglass is not a conductor. Fiberglass is like rubber but expect it breaks.

What is the r value for 10 of fiberglass insulation?

Use english, thanks!

Can you use muriatic acid to clean paint stain on a fiberglass boat?


How to glue bullnose on fiberglass swimmingpool?

I would use 100 % silicone.

Do you know where i can learn more about fiberglass cutting? has advice on how to cut out a fiber glass bathtub by yourself. Be sure to follow their safety tips like having gloves. Diamond blades, power saws, appropriate clothing and safety gear are essential when you want to cut fiberglass. Use a of a piece of scrap plywood as the base for cutting and use fiberglass power trimmers when cutting fiberglass panels. You can know much information and details about fiberglass cutting at the link:;

Is there fiberglass in diapers?

No, there is no fiberglass in diapers.

Who is the inventor of fiberglass?

inventor of fiberglass

How do you remove mildew from fiberglass tub?

To remove mildew from a fiberglass tub, use a mixture of water and white vinegar. You can add this to a spray bottle for easy cleaning.

What is the solvent in fiberglass?

Fiberglass hasn't a solvent.

Does lip balm have fiberglass?

No; most people who use lip balm don't want their lips sanded off, which would happen if they wore lip balm with fiberglass in it.

How do you use fiberglass resin to repair car rust?

you can learn how at the attached link.

Can you smoke dip?

Yes But you must use a bong because it filters the fiberglass

What is fiberglass reinforced plastic?

Its plastic reinforced with fiberglass.

How do they make fiberglass resins?

how to make fiberglass resin