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How valueable is the book The Ancient World by David T Ansted?

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2007-10-23 15:51:01

The website is a useful rough guide to

the selling prices of used books, since it aggregates search

results from 20+ online booksellers, which include listings from

thousands of individual dealers.

As of 10/23/07, the print-on-demand reprint editions seem to be

going for $30-40 (US), and the original 19th century editions for

upwards of $500.

HOWEVER, keep in mind that the listings on Addall only take in

books that have *not* yet sold at the prices listed. If there are

only a few, freakishly high listings for a given title, it may be

that there is no demand for the title at that price.

ALSO, keep in mind that the price you'd get selling to a book

dealer will be less than the retail price that some collector might

be willing to pay.

A historian working on 19th century science would probably save

money by buying the reprint (being more interested in the text than

in the book as an object), so the market probably consists of

collectors only. If you're interested in turning the book into

ready cash, your best bet is probably to run an internet search for

"book dealers" + "rare" + "geology" (or "natural history") . . .

the result will give you some sense of who sells to collectors of

old geology books, and might be interested in making an offer.

Throwing it up on EBay *might* get you a serious bidder . . .

but the odds are against it in my experience.


(Professional Historian and Amateur Online Bookseller)

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