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Early in the war I believe the Japanese bombed Darwin with carrier aircraft. Did more to scare the locals than actual damage. Midget submarines (2-man subs) were also sent into Australian harbors (Darwin again I believe) but were ineffective as they were throughout the war. The Japanese Army also invaded and initially took over much of New Guinea which the Australians saw as their mandate.

yes that's true Australia was bombed by the japs there were also 2 midget submarines in Syndey they werent successful. when Australian trrops killed the people inside we cremated the body and sent them back to the families in Japan.

Australia was attacked by the forces of Imperial Japan at Darwin on the 19th of Febuary 1942, nine weeks after the bombings at Pearl Harbour. The fact that more bombs fell on Darwin than in Pearl Harbour is really down played in media today simply because the population of Darwin was so small compared to that of it's US counterpart.

Also on May 10th 1942, nine weeks after Darwin, Sydney Harbour received an early morning wake up call when two midget submarines attacked various targets in the harbour. Most of the torpedos were aimed at US shipping on a refueling stop heading north for action. HMAS Kuttabul, an old harbour ferry being used as an accomidation ship was lost with a large number of personel aboard. These days we commemorate those lives lost by naming our Fleet Base East HQ after that ship.

There is also reference to the IJA landing in the wilderness of Western Australia, somthing like 5000 troops landed but less than three hundred made it back! Apparently the scale of the Japanese maps was wrong and the troops just kept wandering around for 6 weeks with food and water in very short supply. The plan was to capture the town of Broome and use that as a base of an assult across the country to hit Canberra and Sydney from their blind sides.

The Midget Submarines shelled the suburbs of Sydney, One of my teachers at school told us a story about his fathers house in Sydney being half blown apart by a bomb, the only thing that stopped it from doing more damage was that the bombs where not live. > > > > > > > > >your teacher is very true

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Q: How was Australia attacked by Japan in World War 2?
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