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How was Europe transformed by Renaissance?

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Before the Renaissance, Europe was going through the Dark Ages. The Dark ages started after Rome collapsed after being attacked by the Huns and other outside forces. Technology and the quality of living plummeted after Rome fell. People went from having an advanced Plumbing system to having none at all. Diseases also killed many people, and there was no government or structure. Renaissance means "rebirth". During the Renaissance technology improved and education became important to people again. A structured Feudalist Government was forming and art and literature flourished again.

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As Medieval Europe transformed into the Renaissance, peasants gradually became tenant farmers rather than serfs under a feudal system.

The Renaissance happened in Europe.

The renaissance spread to northern Europe by, when the renaissance started in Italy spread over to northern Europe and lands on the middle East and Africa.

The Renaissance Was the beginning of a new age. It was a time when Europe was being postively changed by the new arts and ways of defining a masterpiece. Renaissance= rebirth The Renaissance began when classical knowledge was reintroduced in Europe

The Renaissance lasted from 14th century through the 17th century. The Renaissance brought a sense of diplomacy and rebirth to Europe.

The Renaissance brought prosperity to Europe. It livened up people's lives and brought Europe out of the Dark Ages.

The Renaissance lasted between the 14th and 17th centuries.

Yes, that is where the Renaissance happened.

The Renaissance spread in the 14th century.

The renaissance was a time when art and culture thrived in Europe

The Renaissance spread in the 14th century.

There have been several renaissances throughout history, including the 16th century renaissance of Europe and the Harlem renaissance.

The European Renaissance began in Western Europe, more specifically, in the city-state of Florence, Italy.

Renaissance is a rebirth of creativity, literature, and learning in Europe.rebirth of the classical tradition

The Renaissance started in Florence, Italy and spread from there.

The Renaissance was one of the most important periods in European history. It spread to Northern Europe through imports from Italy.

The Renaissance in Northern Europe is described as the Northern Renaissance. At the time, there were only three countries present in Northern Europe: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Here, Sweden included Finland and Norway included Iceland.

Renaissance philosophy was the period of the history of philosophy in Europe that falls roughly between the Middle Ages and the Enlightenment (The Renaissance).

In Northern Europe the Renaissance started later and also was less influenced by the Catholic church.

The Renaissance occurred throughout Europe. It started in Italy, where it also had the greatest impact.

No. Asia is a different country and society. The Renaissance was in Europe and began in Italy.

Merchants spread the renaissance by going to different countries in Europe selling art from the Renaissance. They also sold books that were made from the printing press and spread the Renaissance.

Michelangelo, Donatello, and the DeMedicisall helped to make Florence the cultural center of renaissance Europe.

The beginning of the 16th century

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