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How was Massachusetts founded?

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Massachusetts was founded for religious freedom. The religions name was puritan that Winthrop studied.

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Why was the Massachusetts colony founded?

Massachusetts was founded for religious freedom.this is the best answer.

When was Massachusetts colony founded?

The Massachusetts Colony was founded in 1620 by the Puritans.

When was Massachusetts founded in the US?

Massachusetts was founded on February 6, 1788

When was Plymouth Massachusetts founded?

Plymouth Massachusetts was founded on Dec. 21, 1620

Why was Massachusetts bay colony founded?

Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded for religious freedom.

Why was Massachusetts founded as a colony?

Massachusetts colony was founded because they wanted to get to north America

When was Colonial Massachusetts first founded?

Colonial Massachusetts, or the Massachusetts Bay Colony, was founded in the 17th century. It was founded on the east coast of North America in New England.

Who founded the Massachusetts colony?

It was founded in 1620.

What year was Massachusetts Bay company founded?

Massachusetts Bay Company was founded in the year 1629.

What year was Massachusetts founded on?

the massachusetts colony was founded in 1630 by john winthrop and other puritans

Who funded Massachusetts?

The Puritans founded Massachusetts. They came to Massachusetts for religious freedom. The bay colony was founded under a royal charter.

Why did they founded Massachusetts?

English Puritans founded it for religious freedom, and the correct grammer would be "Why was Massachusetts founded?" hope i helped :P

Who founded puritan Massachusetts?

Massachusetts Bay Company

What was The Massachusetts Bay colony was founded as?

as Massachusetts island

Why was Masschusetts founded?

Massachusetts was founded for religious freedom

Who ran the Massachusetts Bay colony after it was founded?

John Winthrop was the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony after it was founded.

On what date was the New England colony of Massachusetts founded?

the colony of Massachusetts was founded July 9 of 1997

When was Massachusetts bay colony founded at Salem?

the Massachusetts bay colony was founded on June 12, 1630.

When was the Massachusetts bay colony founded?

it was founded in year 1620

What is the reason the Massachusetts colony was founded?

It was founded for religious reasons.

Who found or founded the Massachusetts bay?

it was founded by English puritans

What group of settlers founded Massachusetts Bay?

The Pilgrums founded it. :)

Who founded Massachustts Bay?

it was founded by The Massachusetts bay company

What was the date Massachusetts was founded as a colony?

The colony of Massachusetts was founded in 1620, by the Puritans who were seeking a religious haven. The Massachusetts colony became a royal colony in 1691.

Who founded Massachusetts capital?

Massachusetts' capital is Boston and was founded by the Puritan colonists from England around the year 1630 A.D.