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The town of Shamrock invented Thanksgiving. One day Thomas Shambree said thank you to everyone in his town and arranged a special dinner. They had peas, mashed potatoes, gravy, and the main course turkey. They did it hte next year, and the next and soon named it Thanksgiving.

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Q: How was Thanksgiving made?
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Related questions

Who made up Thanksgiving?

who made uo thanksgiving is james baker

Did the Mayflower Compact made Thanksgiving?

no the mayflower compact was not what made thanksgiving

Which president made Thanksgiving day a celebration?

Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday.

Who invented Thanksgiving and Memorial Day?

The Pilgirms "made" Thanksgiving.

What year was the Thanksgiving made?

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621. The first Thanksgiving as a national holiday was 1863.

Who created the Thanksgiving holiday?

The pilgrams had a thanksgiving but didn't make it a holiday,it was Abe Lincoln who made thanksgiving a national holiday.

Who is the person that made up thanksgiving?

There isnt only one person who made Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was created when the Pilgrims came to the Native Americans in America. They helped each other grow and hunt. They held a feast which is now known as Thanksgiving

When was Thanksgiving made a legal holiday?

thanksgiving is also a legal holiday in canada .when is it

When was Thanksgiving made a national holiday?

1604, how can that be when the pilgrims had the first thanksgiving in 1621

Why was Sarah Josepha Hale important to Thanksgiving?

She made thanksgiving a national holiday

Was Thanksgiving everyday for the pilgrims?

no. Thanksgiving is when the natives and the pilgrims made peace and gave tahnks for it.

Is Thanksgiving celebrated by the Spanish?

Of course not! Thanksgiving was made when colonists were helped by Native Americans.

Who was the lady that made Thanksgiving a holiday?

The lady that made Thanksgiving a holiday was Sara Josepha Hale. Sara successfully lobbied Abraham Lincoln and had Thanksgiving established as a holiday on November 26, 1863 by presidential proclamation.

Who is sara that made Thanksgiving?

Sarah Josepha Hale famously campaigned for Thanksgiving to become a holiday.

Which president made Thanksgiving an official holiday in November?

George washington, in 1789 declared November 26 a day of thanksgiving

How is Thanksgiving Day celebrated?

Nowadays, Thanksgiving is time to spend with friends and family and traditionally a turkey is made.

When did Thanksgiving become a National Holiday and who made the Proclamation that made it a national holiday?

Thanksgiving became a national holiday in 1863. Abraham Lincoln signed the proclamation making it so.

How much stuffing with or without the turkey is eaten on thanksgiving day?

Stuffing is a staple of Thanksgiving dinner. About 50 percent of Americans eat stuffing on Thanksgiving. According to Stove Top, about 60 million boxes of stuffing is made for Thanksgiving.

What is the sound made by the traditional bird of the day?

sound made by the traditional bird of Thanksgiving

What made Thanksgiving?

The Thanksgiving Holiday in the U.S. stemmed from the Pilgrims survival of their first harvest in America. The Pilgrims celebrated their success with the Indians in 1621. Officially, Thanksgiving became a celebrated holiday since Abraham Lincoln made it official in 1863.

What president officially celebrated Thanksgiving in1864?

President Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving a Federal Holiday in 1864.

Who issued the the first proclamation making Thanksgiving a annual holiday?

George washington made thanksgiving a annual holiday

When was Thanksgiving made an official United States holiday?

George Washington made a proclamation recognizing a day of Thanksgiving. However, Abraham Lincoln made a proclamation in 1863 designating a specific day for the holiday.

Which president made Thanksgiving a annual holiday?

Several Presidents, including George Washington, made one-time Thanksgiving holidays. . Although the demand for making it a regular national holiday came in from various quarters, but of little impact. In 1827, Mrs. Sarah Joseph Hale began lobbying. several Presidents for the proclamation of Thanksgiving as a national holiday. It didn't see success until 1863 when Abraham Lincoln finally made it a national holiday with his 1863 Thanksgiving Proclamation. Several Presidents, including George Washington, made one-time Thanksgiving holidays. .

What president made Thanksgiving?

George Washington declared the first two national thanksgiving days in 1789 and 1795, but it was Abraham Lincoln who made it an annual observance beginning in 1863.