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How was horus worshipped?

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By prayer, spell, and offerings.

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Where was horus worshipped?

In ancient Egypt.

Why was horus worshipped?

Because Horus was the nations patron deity and a Egyptian god of war, sky, rulers, and protection.

Who worshipped many gods including re osiris and horus?

Ancient Egyptians.

Who was Horus worshipped by?

Horus was worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians ... he was the son of the Sun God. that's all i know.. if you wanna know more,go watch The Mummy..starring Brendan Fraser,Rachel Weisz and Arnold Vosloo :)

How many falcon gods were worshipped in ancient Egypt?

only one comes to mind, Horus...

Why did people worship horus?

Because he could control the sky and everyone in Egypt worshipped gods.

Did ancient egptians pray?

yes they did they worshipped gods such as amun or Horus the god of the sky or to the love ones that have passed

Whatwho were some of the gods that the egyptians worshipped?

Anubis, Horus, Selkis, Re, Thoth, Hathor, Khepri, Sakhmet

What was the religion of the Romans like before Christianity?

Different civilizations worshipped their owns set of Gods. For example, Greece worshiped Zeus, Hephaetus, Apollo, Aphrotdite, etc. Egyptians worshipped Ra, Amun, Ptah, Anubis, Horus, etc.

How are the names of the 4 sons of Horus pronounced?

The four sons of Horus were Gods worshipped in Egyptian religion. Their names are pronounced as Imsety, Duamutef, Hapi and Qebehsenuef. The names were written in hieroglyphics on canopic jars that contained mummified bodies of important people.

Why did they believe in horus the god of upper Egypt?

That was where the cites of Behdet was; which titled him Horus Behudety/Horus of Edfu;God of the noontime sun. This particular variant was first worshipped in the western Delta and spread south, a cult center being established at Edfu. He is represented by a winged sun or as a lion with the head of a hawk. Horus Behudety fights constantly against Set and an army of darkness to ensure that the sun rises each day.

Who owns the eye of horus?

The Eye of Horus belongs to the god Horus.

What gods were there in Ancient Egypt?

There were thousands of gods/goddesses/deities in Ancient Egypt. Amaunet - A female counterpart to Amon and one of the primordial gods of the Hermopolitian Ogdoad (group of eight gods). She was also worshipped at Thebes along with Amon and Mut. Amon - Usually associated with the wind, or things hidden, and was also of the Hermopolitian Ogdoad. At Thebes he became Amon-Re, king of the gods. He was part of the Theban Triad, along with Mut and Khonsu. Antaios - He was originally a double god, "the two falcons", that was later joined to create one, probably that of Horus. Anuket - Worshipped at Elephantine, she was associated with the gazelle. Apis - Seen as the bull with a solar disk between its horns, Apis was associated with Osiris and Ptah. Aton - Also known as Aten, he was worshipped at Tell 'Amarna. Atum - A primordial god that was represented in the form of a human and a serpent. He was the supreme god in the Heliopolitan Ennead (group of nine gods) and formed with Re to create Re-Atum. Hathor - The goddess of love, dance and alcohol was depicted as a cow. At Thebes she was also the goddess of the dead. She was worshipped at Dendera as the consort of Horus and Edfu, and was associated with Isis at Byblos. Horus - The earliest royal god was the shape of a falcon, with the sun and moon as his eyes. The sky-god was the ruler of the day. The many forms of Horus are; Re-Harakhti, Harsiesis, Haroeris, Harendotes, Khenti-irti, Khentekhtay (the crocodile-god), and Harmakhis, which is Horus on the horizons, in which the Sphinx of Giza is considered to be his aspect. Isis - The mother of Horus and sister and consort of Osiris was worshipped at Philae. Associated with Astarte, Hathor, Nut and Sothis, she was later worshipped over the entire Roman Empire. Khnum - Resembling a human with a rams head, he was worshipped in Hypselis, Esna, Antinoe and Elephantine. Khonsu - the moon god was the son of Amon and Mut. The main temple at Karnak is dedicated to him. Min - God of fertility coalesced with Amon and Horus. Min was mainly worshipped at Coptos and Akhmim. Mut - Worshipped at Thebes, she was a consort of Amon and part of the Theban Triad (group of three gods). Nut - Mother of the sun, moon and heavenly bodies. Osiris - He is regarded as the dead king that watches over the nether world and is rejuvenated in his son Horus. As the symbol of eternal life he was worshipped at Abydos and Philae. Ptah - Worshipped in Memphis, he coalesced with Sokaris and Osiris. Re - He was the sun god of Heliopolis. From the fifth Dynasty onwards he becomes a national god and is combined with the supreme deity Amon. Serapis - He was mainly worshipped in Alexandria and was later worshipped by the Greeks as Zeus. He was never fully accepted by the Egyptians in the Ptolemaic period. Sekhmet - She was part of the Memphite Triad with Ptah and Nefertem. She was the mistress of war and sickness. Seth - The son of Geb and Nut in the Heliopolitan Ennead was in the form of an animal that has no zoological equivalent. This powerful god was regarded as god of the desert, making him a god of foreign lands. Shu - He was an ancient cosmic power and was regarded as the god of the air and the bearer of heaven. Sobek - He was a crocodile god and was worshipped at the Faiyum and Ombos. During the middle Kingdom he coalesced with Re, Sobek-Re, and was worshipped as primordial deity and creator-god. Thoth - He was worshipped as a baboon in Hermopolis. He was the god of sacred writings and wisdom.

How important is Horus?

how important is HORUS

Who killed horus dad?

When the father of Horus is Osiris; Set, the brother of Osiris and Isis (the mother of Horus) killed the father of Horus.

Is Isis mom of Horus?

When Horus is the son of Isis, yes - but that is not the only version of Horus.

What is Horus the god of?

Horus is the god of the Sky

Who did Horus marry?

Horus was married to Hathor.

Who are the brothers of horus?

Horus the Elder is brother of Osiris and Seth. Horus the Younger may be the brother of Anubis.

How did horus become a god?

Horus was born a god.

When did horus become a god?

Horus was born a god.

Who won the battle between set and Horus?

Horus did

When did horus turn into a god?

Horus was born a god.

What did the god Horus do?

I think Horus was the god of the sky.

How many kids did Horus have?

Horus had 4 kids.