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Q: How were African Americans involved in the revolutionary war and who did they support and why?
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Who did most native Americans and African Americans support in the Revolutionary War?

British who promised back ancestrial land and freedom

Who did African Americans support in the Revolutionary War?

There were some slaves who fought with the colonists and there were free african men in the North who fought with the colonists. A larger majority of slaves fought with the British. It was well known across the colonies that any slave who fought with the British would receive their freedom after the Revolutionary War was over.

Why did Europeans and Americans support the Greek revolutionary?

They were gay

Why did Europeans and Americans support Greek revolutionary movement?

They were gay

Who the African Americans support and why?

I'm not American, but I am sure that African Americans support many different people and ideals. To assume that they all support the same thing is totally ridiculous and immature .

Where were the majority of Americans during the Revolutionary War?

Equally divided over who to support.

What politial party did African Americans support until 1936?

I think the African Americans were for the democratic party.......but I'm not sure.

Why did Europeans and Americans support the Greek revolutionary movement?

The Europeans and Americans both helped support the Greek Revolutionary Movement. They did so to help Greece gain independence as America and many European nations had. They gave both moral and monetary support.

Who did the African Americans support during American revolution?


Presdident Grants support of the enforcement acts showed that he wanted to do what?

protect the rights of african americans - APEX

Did most Americans support the revolutionary war?

in most places yes, but there were many people that were undecided

Which country agreed to send troops and ships to support the Americans during the revolutionary war?