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How were Native Americans treated by the US after World War 2?


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I did leave this info with another poster. The Navajo Code Talkers were never recognized re their GI bills. They were used and abused by their own government. Because they lived on a Federal Reservation that was the excuse the government used so they did not have to pay out to these soldiers. Also, there were other Indians tribes that were also Code Talkers. Marcy


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How were the Native Americans treated by the Federal government after the Civil War?

After World War 2 many Native Americans left reservations and lived in cities. They had greater job opportunities and better chances for advancement.

Well, they were released from their internment camps & otherwise pretty much treated like Native Americans & other minority groups.

Jewish Americans were not treated any different during World War I.

Please repost your question, giving the name of the war that you are interested in.

AnswerAfrican Americans were treated bad and they had racial protest against them

The French treated them right, but the British were jerks to them. At one point, the British fought the French, and the Native Americans fought alongside the French to support them.

Deaths and injuries to Native Americans were at a much high proportion in World War II. Also, many of them did not receive proper care after returning from the war.

They were mostly left alone during the war. However, some of the Native Americans fought with the Patriots because they hoped they would be treated better.

because the French treated the Indians better then the english

They were treated equally and they were given fair money for their land. ****** Really? Then why was the Pequot War fought if that were true? (See Related Link, below.)

A few thousand Native Americans died in the War of 1812.

I dont know much but i know that they were treated worse and much more strict. African Americans had more jobs and duty's to perfrom during world war two.

Unfortunately, many of the same racial attitudes prevailed after the war, as before it.

Hispanic Americans had a presence in every battle of the European Theater during World War II. Between 250,000 to 500,000 served during the war. Approximately 25,000 Native Americans served in World War II. Most of those who left the reservations to fight the war did not return there after the war.

More Native Americans fought with the British than with the Americans during the Revolutionary War. ((Hope this helped!))

They lost many Native Americans in the fighting

African-Americans Native Americans Eurocentric Americans Hispanic women

they got in wars because they did what they did

Japanese Americans , Blacks , Hispanics, Women, German Americans, Italian Americans

Actually, they didn't side with the British. Most were working against them. Ever since the first colony was established the British had treated the Native Americans with discrimination and took away lands. The British gave the Native Americans diseases and killed them.

In some cases Native Americans fought with the Confederacy because they believed that the Federal government had treated them badly. They, in some cases decided to help the South because they believed the Federal government would continue to force Native Americans on to reservations.

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