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Both were shocked. The Allies that Germany had the capacity and reserves to make such an attack and the Germans at how badly it turned out.

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Q: How were both sides affected by the Battle of the Bulge?
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What single battle in us history had the greatest number of losses?

Battle of the Bulge--- about 81,000 casulties but on American soil, Gettysburg---51,000 casulties on both sides.

What was the number of troops involved in both sides of the battle in the battle of Atlantic?

how many troops were involoved in both sides of the battle of Atlantic

Which major battle opened the way for the allies to enter Germany from both the east and the west?

The Battle of the Bulge

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How is the Battle of Stalingrad related to the battle of the bulge?

here are 2 key relationships between the 2 battles. Firstly both battles were a crushing defeat for the Nazis. Secondly, both were final major offence on their respective fronts i.e. Battle of Bulge - Western Front and Battle of Stalingrad - Eastern Front.

Which battle produced the most American casualties?

I believe it was the American civil war as both sides were American it was a question on QI a UK TV show. sorry miss read its the battle of the bulge 19.275 killed 23.554 m.i.action or taken prisoner

How did the Battle of the Bulge signal the beginning of the end of World War 2 in Europe?

The Battle of the Bulge was not among a series of steps to the ultimate downfall of the Third Reich. The loss of the 6th Army at Stalingrad was the arguable first signal. The Battle of Bulge was a last stand of sort on the Western Front for a German Army starved of supply and most importantly oil. The Battle of the Bulge was a German counter attack. It was their last hope in the West to stop the advance of American and British forces. The breaking of the German stand allowed for the Allied armies to enter the German motherland from the West, ultimately surrounded them on both sides (with the Soviets closing to the east).

What weapons did both sides have at the battle of omduran?


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How many soldiers died in the Battle of Midway both sides?

None. It was a naval battle.

What weapons were used on both sides in the Battle of Midway?

See website: Battle of Midway

What naval battle happened between british and German forces in 1916?

Battle of Jutland, aka "The Battle of Lost Opportunities"; as both sides claimed a victory, and both sides avoided decisive action with their BATTLESHIPS.

What was gained in battle of the Bulge?

The Battle of the Bulge was an offensive struck by the Germans against the Allied Forces. It resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths on both sides and the Germans had to retreat back to the Seigfried Line. They exhausted their supplies, troops, and decimated their air force by commencing with this offensive. Basically, it came down to "nobody achieved much of anything, except wiping out a lot of people and German armament." It was THE BLOODIEST BATTLE OF ALL BATTLES IN WORLD WAR 2.

What did both sides realize after the Battle of Bull Run?

After the Battle of Bull Run it became apparent to both sides that this was not going to be a short, easy war but rather a long, gruelling, painstaking war.

What did both sides want to accomplish in the Battle of Shiloh?

i dont know

Why did the Battle of Shiloh stun people from both sides of the war?

this Dick :)

Who battle in the Battle of Bull Run manassass?

The Confederacy and the Union. Some slaves fought on both sides.

Was the Battle of Gettysburg expected?

No, it was accidental. It began as a Battle of Encounter, both sides catching the other off guard.

How many casualties were there at the battle of Gettysburg?

7,500 killed from both sides. Out of 160,000 men engaged in battle.

What was the aftermath from the battle of the Bulge?

Extreme casualties on both sides ( German and Allies). The German were eventually driven back and pretty much just gave up. It left the Allies to press on towards Germany. The Germans retreated further back with defeat imminent.

How many people died in the battle of el alamein?

About 50,000 on both sides.

After the first battle of the Civil War both sides felt they had?

Made mistakes.

What did both sides realize about their troops after the battle of bull run?

they couldn't win

What did both sides learn form the Battle of Bull Run?

long war

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