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In the Holocaust Jews were treated extremely badly and killed.


From 1941 on the Nazis' aim was to kill all the Jews they could find. The main methods used were:

1. Mass open air shootings (especially in Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus and Latvia).

2. Working them to death in concentration camps on grossly inadequate food.

3. Gassing them (at extermination camps, such as the Birkenau section of Auschwitz, Treblinka, Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor and the death camp section of Majdanek).

Before they were sent to camps, many Jews were herded into ghettos, especially in Poland, such as the Warsaw Ghetto. Further Jews were regularly crammed in from surrounding areas. The overcrowding - in the Warsaw Ghetto people had to live 9 to a room - the inadequate food and lack of medication meant that the ghettos suffered from frequent outbreaks of fatal diseases.

The overall Jewish death toll in the Holocaust was about 5.7-6 million.


They were rounded up by Nazi police and collaborators and put on to train for 3 days and 2 nights. When the train got to the camps, people were hearded over to the entrance. Not only Jews were in the camps, but gays, Christians, and gypsies too. People were split up into two lines, one to go into the gas chamber, and the other to be worked to death, literally. Families were split up.


Jews were starved to death, they died of many diseases and were spilt apart from their families. Most children were killed when they arrived at the camp. All the Jews' belongings were taken from them and the Nazis lied and said they would get their things back later. Jews were completey shaved; some were sexually harrased by Nazis. They were forced to wear the Star of David. Hitler was a bad man. He killed the Jews because he wanted a race that only had blonde hair and blue eyes, though he wasn't even blonde and didn't have blue eyes himself.


Jews were considered lower than the dirt that German soldiers had on their steeled-toed jackboots and they were treated accordingly.


They were put in concentration camps, tortured, worked to death, killed in gas chambers, gunned down, raped... Nazis considered them inferior and felt that it was their right to do anything they wanted to the Jews and above all to kill them.

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Q: How were the Jews treated in the Holocaust?
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How were the other victims of the holocaust besides the Jews treated?

They were mainly treated as the same as the Jews were treated.

How were rich Jews treated in the Holocaust?

They were treated in the same way as other Jews: one couldn't buy oneself out of the Holocaust.

How were wealthy Jews treated different form poor Jews in the Holocaust?

In the Holocaust itself rich and poor Jews were treated alike: they were slaughtered. (One could not buy one's way out of the Holocaust).

How were the Jews treated sub human?

Jews during the Holocaust were tortured, and starved

How were wealthy Jews treated differently from poor Jews in the Holocaust?

Money made no difference. You couldn't buy yourself out of the Holocaust. The Nazis wanted to kill all Jews that they had control over.

What was the inhumanity of the Holocaust?

Generally it was the way that the Nazis (and the Germans) treated the Jews and arguably treated the Gypsies even worse.

How did the holocaust contribute to change the world's view towards the Jews?

it did more to change the way that the world treated Jews.

What was your reaction to the Holocaust?

that Hitler was wrong for killing the Jews. all people should be treated the same.

What happened to the people who hid Jews during the Holocaust?

People who helped hide Jewish familes during the Holocaust were either killed or sent to a concentration camp. They were treated as the Jews were if they were caught.

What was the date of the Jews Holocaust?

there is no 'jews holocaust' look for the dates of the Holocaust

How many Jews lived after Hitler's Holocaust?

The number of Jews before the Holocaust was 11,000,000. In the Holocaust 6,000,000 Jews died, which means after the Holocaust there were about 5,000,000 Jews.

How jews were treated by hitler and his nazi government?

Research Kristallnacht and the Holocaust. Bottom line: Beyond Terrible.

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