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A 13-year-old should have the intelligence to decide as to whether they are being abused or not. As to whether they take someoneone into their confidence is something else entirely. In cases such as these, it is usually best for the boy to talk to a close friend, possibly someone older who has the power to decide and do something about it. If it feels like abuse, there is a problem. Is this person being yelled at, told they are not good enough or never will be etc? Do they feel depressed or angry a lot of the time? Are conflicts resolved with all parties feeling as though they have been listened to and an agreeable solution made, or are the same issues constantly being brought up again and again? Is this person being treated as an individual with individual and valuable strengths??? The list goes on and on. A good book to read would be by Patricia Evans called Teen Torment. Chekc it out.

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Q: How would a 13-year-old tell if they are being verbally abused?
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Would a judge grant you emancipation if your mother was an alcoholic and verbally abused you?

It depends on the state and the situation. If you are being abused, they will probably place you in foster care to keep you safe and properly taken care of.

Can you choose who to live with if your mom died you are 14 and you are being verbally abused you want to move with your other grandmother?

actually it doesn't matter i would just choos a place that has food water and shelter insted of being greety

Your niece wants to live with you instead of her verbally abusive mother?

LET HER MOVE IN!!!! If a child or teen is verbally or physically abused, and they are 12 and over, they are allowed to choose whom they would want to live with.

Do you have to vist your dad if hes verbally abusive?

I would let someone know that you are being abused when you visit your father. Perhaps his visitation with you can be supervised so you will not be hurt from him. Let your mother know this is occurring and she can have it supervised.

Your 11 yr old son is being verbally and mentally abused by father would a court system let him choose to live with father because father has forced him to say so?

Tell the court about it.

How do animals feel while being abused?

Well i cant see them being too happy about being starved, beaten and abused. Would you??

Is it illegal to verbally abuse a man?

No, it is not illegal to verbally abuse a man, but if the man was smart he would leave. Verbal abuse can leave just as many scars for a victim as physical abuse. There are programs for abused men that they should attend and learn tools in order to get out of the verbally abusive situation. Example: If a wife is verbally abusing her husband and he decides to divorce her and he can prove she is verbally abusing him then the court could press charges against her (highly unlikely) but you would be granted a divorce.

What is the adjective of abuse?

To describe someone or a behavior that abuses someone/something, you would say abusive. Example: He was verbally abusivetowards the hair stylist.You can also refer to a victim of abuse as "abused."Example: The abused victim went to court.

What is a sentence using reprehensible?

I think it's reprehensible that someone would try to make me do his homework. Our boss verbally abused one of the staff, that kind of behaviour is reprehensible.

How does the book a child called it relate to being abused?

Are you kidding me right now? The whole story is about how this poor boy is abused by his psychopath mother for years. She does the most terrible things to him which I think would relate to being abused.

Why shouldn't women be abused?

Because every human being regardless of their sex has the right to not be abused. I wonder why you would you ask that question.

A friend has been being verbally abused for awhile but now has been thrown against a wall and held by the throut by her parents shes 17 is ther any way she can come live with me orsomeone else nebrask?

Yes and I would also call an abuse hotline

Do girls actual love getting mentally abused?

who would Of course they don't. Anyone that likes being abused, mentally or otherwise, would be considered somewhat abnormal.

What action would a massage therapist take if they thought their client was being abused. In the case of an adult and a child?

Being licensed (in most US jurisdictions) they would be required to report such suspected abuse to the authorities - especially if the person being abused was a minor.

How would people like it if they were abused?

Well it depends who you are and how you are abused. I supposed most-noone would like it to be abused because it is not a happy thing. So no being abused i would say 99% of people would not like... have an unhappy childhood, and probably make some bad mistakes in the future. OMG i did not see "sexualy abused" if i were to be sexualy abused i would call the police A>S>A>P sexual abuse is so wrong and it is considered a crime of course so i would hit the person as hard as i could

Is mental abuse a crime?

Is the individual being abused a child, incompetent or elderly? Yes, It is a crime Is the individual being abused a competent adult? No abuse (thou I would recommend a mental evaluation if such abuse is being allowed)

What would you do if you thought a care work service user was being abused?

I would report it to local authorities or their boss

Do 12 yr olds have rights can he be forced to go back to his mum to continually be abused verbally and physical?

yes everyone has rights if possible I would see a child abuse Lawyer asap if this is the case!

After being in a verbally abusive relationship does the victim often become the abuser in her next relationship?

It does often happen that people will learn how to get their way through verbal aggression, from their own experiences of being verbally abused. Life is an endless learning experience, but sometimes people learn the wrong things. Answer I think it COULD happen but I think it would be the exception and not the rule. Victims in these kinds of situations are usually not abusive types of people - that's why they are victims. If it is an adult who grew up in a verbally abusive environment they may be the victim for a while and then finally snap and turn the tables and become the abuser but I think in most circumstances the victim would not become the abuser in the next relationship.

What if the father threatens and physically abuses and emotionally abuses you?

That would mean you're being abused.

What actions would you take if you witnessed a service user being bullied abused?

call the police

Can domestic abuse and Stockholm Syndrome collide Meaning can feeling guilty while being abused be called Stockholm Syndrome?

An abused person can identify with their abuser. The abuse itself would not be called Stockholm Syndrome. How the abused feels about the abuser would be Stockholm Syndrome.

How can you beat being abused?

you can beat being abused by telling someone who really cares about you and would like to see you happy. You can either fight back or call a protective agency to help you. You can also ru away to a relatives.

How does physical abuse effect children?

It depends if the child itself was or is being abused, they will either forget it or remember it. 80% of children who were abused, still remember being abused. Physical abuse effects children by making them feel slightly depressed, or feel like they have to pretend to be normal. The 80% of children who recall being abused say they never talk about their feelings of their abuse or sadness, and say that they became so depressed, they began to have suicidal thoughts. Physical abuse can effect the child in a different way if its one of the parents being abused. For example, if the mother was being abused, the child would feel as if their mother were weak, or be afraid to talk with the mother. If the father were abusing the mother, the child would be afraid to have any contact with the father.

What if you were the animal being abused?

You would suffer horribly and wish for someone to take you away from the pain and fear.