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How would a group of churches acting as one entity get liability coverage for a food pantry set up in a city owned building without incorporating?


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Contact an agent in your area, if they do not sell this type of coverage/policy they will be able to refer you an agent that does.


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Yes, but the problem will be finding a carrier who will write liability coverage a building with no property coverage on it. It would probably have to be an acceptable property risk for a casualty underwriter to consider writing just liability on it and there would have to be a good reason why you didn't want property coverage on it. Nobody wants to write liability insurance on a dump anymore than they want to write property coverage on it.

Absolutely. And if the school system has anyone with intelligence they will require you to provide them with proof of such coverage in the same amount equal to their liability coverage amount. If this is a one time thing you can purchase a liability policy called special event coverage.

LIABILITY COVERAGE Refers to coverage for liability that an individual has if he or she should negligently injure another person or another person's property.

The Lessors Risk only coverage provides Liability and Property (Building) coverage to protect your interest as the owner of the building while leasing it to another party.

Lessor's Risk Only (LRO) provides liability and property coverage for building owners who lease out their entire building or occupy less than 75% of the building and lease out the remainder. Also called landlord's insurance.

Liability Coverage under an auto policy has what components: Medical payments Collision Comprehensive None of these Liability Coverage under an auto policy has what components: Medical payments Collision Comprehensive None of these Liability Coverage under an auto policy has what components: Liability Coverage under an auto policy has what components:

Homeowners insurance does not have liability coverage for your job occupation. You can obtain contractors insurance for liability coverage.

That one could go both ways. If you have collision coverage on the vehicle, it could be covered as part of the tow expense. However, your liability coverage is responsible for repairing the claimant's building.....and that would include removing the vehicle from their building!

It can be, but it just depends on the extent of coverage you purchase. Commercial Auto is not automatically included with Commercial General Liability. If you purchase the Commercial Auto coverage along with the Commercial Liability then you will have the coverage. If you purchase only the commercial General Liability then you won't have coverage for commercial auto.

Liability coverage (often simply called "liability") protects you from damage you do to others or to property in an accident. Some level of auto liability insurance coverage is required in all 50 states - get info for your state's auto liability insurance coverage requirements here.

That would depend on the state where you live minimum liability coverage.

Coverage that is provided when purchasing standard car insurance are liability coverage and the legal right to drive. There are two liability coverages: bodily injury and property damage liability.

If you purchase liability coverage on the dwelling policy then yes it will have liability coverage. If you only wanted the minimum price with no extra coverage that's what you get. Make sure you purchase the coverage you want when you talk with an agent. Dwelling coverage is used in situations when you own a home that you don't live in such as a rental property or if it does not qualify for a homeowners policy for some reason. You can add coverage for liability, contents, and many other additional coverages.

Difference between horse liability and stableman coverage

Liability insurance covers damages to the property or body of others, it does not provide any coverage for yourself of your property. Each state has a minimum coverage which depicts the cost of "cheap" liability auto coverage.

Termites and InsuranceLiability insurance is coverage for occurrences in which you might be held financially liable. It is not possible to be liable to ones self. If your seeking coverage for a Wood Structure or Property you would look to a Homeowners Policy or some other coverage form in Property Lines. If your a Pest exterminator by trade then you may look to a Commercial General Liability policy that will offer you liability coverage for the work or service you perform on premises and completed operations coverage for after the job is done.Pest ExclusionsUnder Section I - Exclusions of your policy, it will explain that there is no coverage for damage due to rats, mice, termites, moths, or other insects (language varies by state), but there IS coverage for ensuing loss due to collapse of the building or any part of the building. Exterminators LiabilityThe only liability for damage due to termites would be found in a warranty policy from a pest-treatment company who has a contract to treat your home at regular intervals and guarantees their work.

The property Owners Liability Insurance does not extend coverage to a Tenant. This is one reason a tenant might want to buy their own tenants liability coverage for their own protection.

Whatever coverage amount you wish and that the company will accept, You can obtain liability insurance on vacant land.

You'll be fully covered only on the vehicles for which you choose to place full coverage insurance. The others will only be covered for liability losses if you only buy liability coverage for them.

From an insurance perspective the landlord should have coverage on the building and the tenant should have coverage on his/her contents. Legal liability may be a different issue depending on the circumstances of the fire.

Not if you now only have liability coverage.

I have to provide my apartment management with 100,000 liability insurance coverage. With Safeco it costs $18 per year. Liability coverage requires minimum personal property coverage of $10,000 (costs $57 per year) and replacement coverage (+$9). Total per year $84

Liability Insurance and the Stolen VehicleNo, Liability Insurance provides coverage for damages or injuries that we cause to others. It does not provide coverage for our own vehicle damages or theft.

More than likely your lien holder will require you to carry collision and comprehensive coverage in addition to liability coverage, this is to protect them/their investment.

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