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Either a warped head and blown headgasket or a cracked head.

An intake gaslet will also blow and let it in on a 4.3. I had it happen.

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Q: How would antifreeze get into piston cylinders of 1997 Ford truck?
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Why would a Semi truck have antifreeze in oil?

Cracked injector cups.

The Car Needs Petrol Because?

Car engines burn fuel in cylinders. When the fuel burns the air in the cylinders expands. The expanding air pushes down on a piston. The piston pushes down on a crankshaft. Then the piston comes back up. The piston going down and up makes the crankshaft rotate. This rotating motion is transferred to the wheels of the car. That pushes the car along. Thus the fuel burning in the cylinders pushes the pistons. Without Petrol to burn in the cylinders, the pistons would not push the crankshaft. It would not make the wheels move.

Would piston slap affect the power on the motor?

A great big YES!!! The cylinders must be bored-out to the next size.

Why would a engine have no compression in all cylinders?

Causes of low/no compression: Blown head gasket, cracked cylinder head, cracked piston, worn piston rings, grooves in cylinder wall caused by broken piston rings ... there may be more.

How would I be getting gas in the crankcase of my 1989 4.0 Jeep Comanche?

One or more of your cylinders are not holding their seal. Worn out piston rings, worn/damaged piston, worn/damaged cylinder wall are the most likely problem areas.

Why would your cylinders fill up with water on an 03 Grand Caravan?

Assuming that you are referring to the engine's piston cylinders, either your engine has been submerged in water, someone is playing a nasty (and expensive) joke on you, or you have a serious head gasket leak.

How do you install a piston?

Most pistons are attached to the connecting rod with piston pin. These are either pressed into the side of the pistion using a hydaulic press or held in with clips. (Or both) You can compress the piston rings to fit in the cylinders by hand, or with a special ring compressor. I would suggest that someone who has done it before helps you.

Does Dr Pepper have antifreeze in it?

no, why would it have antifreeze?

What is the shape of perfume cylinders?

Presumably they would be cylinders.

What is the k factor of vehicle smoke?

Depends on the smoke. White smoke from burning antifreeze would be a crack in the cylinder head or bad head gasket. Dark smoke would be burning oil from bad piston rings.

What does it mean when a cars engine has no compression I was looking on craigslist for a car and I found one but the guy that is selling it said that the engine has no compression.?

do you seriously think that theres a hole in the piston in all the cylinders? or the rings are gone in all the cylinders.. highly unlikely.. the main cause of loss of compression is the rings are burnt gone. the rings are stuck, the valves are stuck, hole in the piston and/or head, bent valves, or the timing chain/belt came off, or broke. with all the cylinders being down, i'd look into the last one. that's the only thing that would be logical to effect all the cylinders evenly.

Why there is need of firing order?

If all cylinders fired at once, power distribution would be very jerky, so the engine is set up to have the cylinders firing in sequence for a smoother power delivery instead. And if the pistons move in a certain rhythm, then they have to receive their sparks in a certain rhythm too, as the engine will only run well if the cylinders fire when the piston is in a certain position.

What is the antifreeze for 1988 Royale?

any antifreeze should work but I would use a universal antifreeze equivelant to dexcool

What would cause the P0308 DTC code on a F150 truck?

A variety of reasons, most common is a bad spark plug wire or coil pack but possibly a bad crank sensor, but could be a bad piston ring, scored piston chamber wall. a hole in the piston, etc Check the spark plug pocket to see if it is full of water.

Can you use antifreeze in your cigar humidor?

No , the antifreeze contains chemicals that would contaminate the cigars and the humidor .

What if you mixed red and green antifreeze together?

You would get BROWN antifreeze, which would be difficult to see rust colors in. The bright green of antifreeze is designed to warn people what it is, because it is harmful or fatal if swallowed.

Why would a 1987 Nissan z24 miss and shake at different speeds if plugs wires distributor cap and rotor have been replaced and there is 175 pounds compression on 3 cylinders and 150 on number two?

piston rings are bad

What would cause low compression on a single piston engine?

The piston rings may be worn out .

1999 3.4l Alero not start after heating up does not look like any oil in the antifreeze or antifreeze in the oil. Any one know what would cause this?

Check the compression. that will be a far more accurate determination of whether there has been damage from overheating. If the compression is still ok across all cylinders, run a computer diagnostic test.

How much does it cost to repair a cracked piston?

it would be better to buy a piston kit. It wouldn't be a good idea to try to fix a cracked piston.

What would happen if you put antifreeze in your transmission?

antifreeze is intended only for an engine, not for a transmission. there is coolant FOR a transmission, i would say that there would not be sufficient cooling for the transmission. it would probably overheat.

What does the word engine size mean?

An automobile engine works by opening a valve. Then a piston comes down creating a vacuum. That sucks a mixture of gasoline and air into the cylinder. Then the piston pushes up. Then a spark from a spark plug ignites the mixture. The mixture burns. The hot gasses push the piston down. Then the exhaust valve opens. The piston pushes the gasses out the exhaust. If you look under the hood of an automobile, you will see the engine. If you took the engine part way apart, you would see pistons and the cylinders they go in. On a piston engine each piston has a certain diameter. You can measure the diameter in centimeters. Then you can move the piston all the way to the bottom. Then you measure how far down it goes, again in centimeters. Then you divide the diameter by two to get the radius. You square the radius and multiply by pi. Then you multiply by the length of how far the piston travels. You multiply that by the number of cylinders. Now you have a large number. It is cubic centimeters. You can divide by 100 to change it to liters. So engine size means the total amount of air displaced by the pistons.

What is the cc of 350 Chevy piston in the pickup truck 1972?

I think those engines had cast flat tops producing about 9:1 compression. There would be about 10 cc's in each valve relief, and the piston should be at zero deck at TDC. Not sure if that helps answer your question, but it's the best I can think of.

I have a 1995 Chevy big block one ton truck. Why would there be oil in the antifreeze?


How do you fix an engine with low compression in all 6 cylinders?

The repair depends on what is causing the low compression. Low compression can be caused by a blown head gasket, cracked cylinder head, burnt or damaged valves, worn or cracked piston rings, scored block cylinders. It's kind of hard to imagine that an engine would have low compression on all 6 cylinders unless something major is wrong, or the compression gauge is not measuring properly.