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SMS is an acronym for Short Message Service. Sending SMS messages has become a very popular method of communication. One could send a free SMS message to India by using a service such as Gmail SMS, aFreeSms or Google Play.

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Is it free to get songs in a text message?

it is possible to recieve ringtones through text messages if you are able to recieve mms messages but if not get on your phone and go to mytinyphone.com and you can get ringtones there

Would India be superpower til 2020?

Never, Unless india is free from corruption.

How can one send SMS messages for free?

One can send SMS messages for free if the phone has internet. If the phone has an internet, one can use applications such as What's up and viber and send SMS messages for free.

Where can one find a way to send free SMS text messages?

One can send free SMS text messages if their data plan allows it, or they can download an app onto one of their devices that can send messages for free.

Is there a free app for your phone to read other peoples messages?

NO there is not that is a stupid question and that is rude why would you want to do that

How do you see someones text messages online for free?

You cannot see someone's text messages online for free. This is a direct violation of privacy and is not allowed.

What would happen if there were no Pakistan?

We would be a Pakistan-less world. Then India can happy jump. We would be Paki-Free.

How can India become free?

India is already a free independent democracy.

Is there such a thing as free sms?

Yes, there are free ways to send sms messages. Users can send free sms messages through various online services, including Gmail, AIM, and other messenger programs and services. There are also a plethora of other online sms websites that can send free messages.

Is match.com free?

On match.com, it is free to view profiles and wink at other members. You have to pay a membership fee to write messages or read messages from other members.

How do you read text messages for free from a computer?

Have messages sent to your email rather than the phone.

What mean by viber?

Viber is a free telecommunication app which u can use for free call, free messages.

Is India a free market economy?

yes..india is a free market economy

Does ATandT have a plan with free txt messaging?

Yes, you are able to send free text messages to anyone else using AT&T. If they are not using AT&T, or you do not use AT&T, there will be a charge. If you carry a texting plan, it will be included in that.

Where can someone get a contract with free sms messages?

One can get a contract for free sms messages from a variety of different cell phone plans. One can also work for an company that offers free phone plans.

Why is India a free country?

India is a free country.You can do whatever you want, india is the most populous democracy in the world.

Can you get your boost mobile text messages free online?

No, you can not get your Boost Mobile text messages free online. You will need to have access to your device in order to check your messages. If you log into your online account, you can see the number of texts sent, but no details.

Is it free to send emails from Gmail?

Yes, sending and receiving messages on Gmail is free.

Which services allow a user to send text messages for free?

One service that allows a user to send Text Message for free is the Text Em website. Another option is to send free text messages from the Text for Free website.

Would you sign the Declaration of Independence?

Honestly if I was able to sign it I would. Because USA would NOT be free

How can one get free SMS packages from Gratis?

It is not possible to get free text messages from a company called Gratis. It is however possible to get free or 'gratis' text messages from various phone companies if the right call and text plans is used. Most offers now have deals and bundles and these will include a certain number of free text messages.

When did Gandhi free India?

After many protests, campaigns, and struggles, Mahatma Gandhi was finally able to realize a free India in August 1947. There was bitter bloodshed between the Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs but if not for his work things could have been much worse.

How do you intercept someones text messages free?

How do you intercept someones text messges free

How you get free games?

You will be able to get free games if you Illegal Download but because it is Illegal I would suggest not to,Also there could be a deal on at your local shops but You will never be able to get free games unless You Illegal Download.

Did Mahatma Gandhi free India from British control?

Yes, he did free India from British control.

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