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I just had to do this a couple of months ago. One replaces only the interior part of the whole headlight. I found no trick to removing the locking ring, but it was very difficult to move. For the left headlight, there was a vertical fluid bottle, attached with one bolt, that I removed temporarily. Removing the bottle made enough room that I could get my hand in further, and get more leverage. Have not had to replace right headlight bulb.

I replaced both low beams on a '93 Accord, perhaps it's the same.

In this case, the locking rings have a tab on them that bumps into the electrical connector as you try to turn the ring. You have to unplug the connector before you can get the ring to turn all the way. Also, if the bulbs haven't been replaced in a long time, the rings are probably crusted up with dirt, etc. and take a lot of effort to budge. I tapped my flashlight against the rings a couple of times to knock the dirt loose, that helped as well.

I just changed my right headlight on my 1993 Honda accord. I had to take the battery out to be able to get access to the lock ring. It was stuck so I had to twist the lock ring back and forth numerous times in order to get it loose enough to turn it. It has to be turned counter-clockwise to unlock it. Then you just pull the light bulb out. .

At first I was stumped on how to loosen the ring so I put the head of a small screw driver in one of the slots of the locking ring and gently tapped it with a hammer to loosen it up. The rest was straight forward!

'97 Accord is giving me the same hassle, crusted locking ring. Thanks for the tips, I'll try the screwdriver and hammer tapping.

make sure you pull the connector to the bulb itself off first and don't move the lock i found if you move the lock first and then try to pull that piece from the bulb it wont come if u have have never removed the bulb b 4 use the handle of the screw driver and your thumb on the other side to remove it you will need a lot of force to do it 4 the first also the parts you can remove on that passenger side are the plastic in front of the battery and the over flow for the radiator they just pull up.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your answer was so helpful. The bulb hadn't had to be replaced in a long time, and no one could remember how to do it. My small hands were the only ones that could fit in there, and knowing to get that connector off first, and then jimmy the ring around with a screwdriver was the key. Thanks!!!

Very HelpfulThis was very helpful. The locking ring on my car was difficult to turn, but with a lot of tapping and a little oil it finally turned. The owner's manual was unhelpful: it wasn't clear on what to turn.
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Q: How would one change the headlamps on a 1990 Honda Accord is there a trick to removing the locking ring?
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