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The manual transaxle has a drain plug located between the two support bars that run from front to back underneath the unit. However, removal of the speed sensor is required. There is an electical connector that must be disconnected. The retainer clip for the speedometer cable must be removed along with the speedometer cable. Pry the speed sensor from the transaxle. Use the end of the speed sensor to check the level of the fluid. The larger lobe near the end you remove from the housing indicates full when fluid shows at the top of the lobe. Fluid is low if it shows closer to the tip of the sensor. After the sensor is removed, remove the drain plug using a suitable pan to catch the fluid. Refill by reinstalling the drain plug, using a funnel, and my book says Mercon automatic Transmission Fluid using care to not overfill. Reinstall the speed sensor, speedometer cable, and electrical connectore in the reverse order of removal procedure. NOTE: REPLACING FLUID IN A MANUAL TRANSAXLE EXCEPT FOR VERY HARD USE IS NOT NECESSARY PER Ford. Torque values are 30-38 ft-lbs for the drain plug, 70-99 in-lbs on the speed sensor bolt.

An Automatic transaxle can be changed along with the filter when car has been recently used. HOT STUFF, but most particles are now suspended in the fluid. SAFETY - use proper gloves and protect the rest of your body. You will be removing the pan on the bottom of the transaxle. A jack and a small block of wood may be necessary to lift the transaxle slightly to remove the pan. Check for a drain plug later models have one, and if not except for the 3 bolts on the driver's side end of the pan, remove the other pan bolts using a 10mm tool. Use a catch pan for the fluid all the while you are doing this. Now, loosen the 3 remaining bolts 2 turns each. Carefully separate the pan from the transaxle housing. Fluid will spill out, and if you are careful it will make a mess so use newspapers under your catch pan. Have oil-dri handy. Remove the pan (some fluid still exists in the pan) using the jack only just enough to clear the pan is necessary. Remove the filter by removing the 3 retaining bolts. A pan gasket, rubber seal, & filter are needed. Installation is the reverse procedure. Make sure the old rubber seal is removed and the new one in place when installing the new filter. Use the new pan gasket holding it in place with sewing thread if you like by tieing the gasket at several points to the pan. Torque values are 15-22 ft-lbs on the drain plug (2.0 Zetec is 30-40 ft-lbs), 70-90 in-lbs on the pan bolts, and use your torque wrench to loosen the bolts on the old filter when removing if you desire to know the torque value to apply when installing the new filter.

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Q: How would one change the transmission fluid on a 1998 Ford Escort?
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How would one change the transmission fluid on a manual 1998 ford escort zx2?

To change the transmission fluid on the manual 1998 Ford Escort ZX2, drain the fluid from the drain hole near the speed sensor. Then refill the fluid using the plug in the side of the transmission.

What type of transmission fluid would be used on an aoutomatic transmission for a 1998 ford zx2 escort?

Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid ( according to the Owner Guide )

2.0 engine in a 1997 ford escort and it leaking transmission fluid and oil so how are you to know if it from seal or need to change strainer?

It would be from a seal.

Will a 1995 escort automatic transmission change for a standard transmission?

It can be done but it would not be cost effective. Better just purchasing another 1995 Escort with a standard transmission.

Why transmission would not shift on 1999 vw beetle?

Check transmission fluid level Perhaps change transmission fluid and filter

Why would Kia not change gears?

The most common cause for a transmission not to change gears, is low transmission fluid. Check the transmission fluid and fill to the full line.

When you should change car manual transmission fluid?

When the fluid no longer look red. Transmission fluid normally doesn't have to be changed that often. For a manual transmission, maybe after 100K. The manual transmission fluid is thicker and hardly ever breaks down. Unless the gears are clashing, etc. But for an automatic transmission: that would depend on how you drive you vehicle. A good idea for a transmission fluid change would be every 3rd to 4th motor oil change. The transmission fluid is completely different from motor oil, but will eventually wear out. I say a fluid and filter change. It is usually a bad idea to get a transmission flush if the transmission is doing good, so far.

Do you have to have a dealer flush the transmission when you change the fluid?

In fact I would advise against it on a high mileage transmission.

Does a 1999 Ford Escort have power steering?

I was looking at the 1999 Ford Escort Owner Guide ( for North America ) It shows that Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid is used as the power steering fluid So , the answer would be ( Yes )

In your 96 dodge ram van when cold transmission doesn't shift properly and sometimes stalls?

If it is a transmission problem- First step would be to change trans. fluid and filter If it is a transmission problem- First step would be to change trans. fluid and filter

Where do you put the fluid after you change the transmission fluid?

I would imagine the fluid would go to a disposal site of sorts, mine goes to the waste facitlity in town.

What do you add to your transmission fluid to clean the internal filter?

Depending on the mileage, and if you are having issues, your best option would be to change the transmission fluid/filter. I would not recommend additives or flushing.

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