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To prevent the pool surface from cracking you should keep the surface wet (with a sprinkler, for example). Allowing the pool to sit dry, in the sun, will result in surface cracking. Best NOT to let the pool sit empty for any longer than absolutely necessary.

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Q: How would you prevent a 20x40 concrete swimming pool with a tile finish from cracking after it has been drained and not refilled with water for awhile?
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How do you replace the decorative tile border on a concrete pool?

To replace the decorative tile border on a concrete pool, the pool will have to be drained. The old tile needs to be taken off and a new tile with waterproof grout or concrete can be installed. The pool should dry for a week or so, before it is refilled.

I just drained my pool to repair the fiberglass liner that had begun cracking. It looks like really hard asphalt underneath. Is that possible?

I doubt it, Gunite is normally used in swimming pool structures and it could very well look like asphalt

How can you clean the calcium from the bottom of your swimming pool?

Have the pool drained and acid washed.

If your swimming pool is drained for 3 or more months does the plaster undergo damage?


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I have had this issue before it was really diffucult! I thought I could just use the swimming pool net (filter) to get it out but it just kept breaking. So eventually after trying I just drained it all and than refilled it. I mean you can try taking paper towels and laying them in you swimming pool net and than trying to get the ash. This way there is no holes that the ash can actually slip through and break. hope this helps!

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you cant Kids with skateboards will certainly find a use for it:-)

Anyone know a cheaper way to patch a drained in ground concrete pool other than using concrete?

Have a look at some of the epoxy products.

Draining a swimming pool?

do it slowly. when i drained mine all at once, the water leaked into the basement

You cannot get rid of cyanuric acid in your pool you have drained and refilled and still have a reading of 160 Any ideas of what could be causing this high level?

Have the fill water tested.

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