How would you start a business to sell one thing for a short period of time?

1. You should have a site shows your products, the site including products information and your contact 2. Use the international B2B, such as and so on; 3. As your know, the buyer have some consideration on the products price, so they will find some manufacturers, and you are their supplier, your products quality should the same as others or more. 4. You can use the search engine to find some buyers, such as,, May be these ways can help you sell your products. Send out a press release, join and participate in forums of the subject of your product, write articles about your product and submit to article directories, start a blog about your product, and how it can be used. Enlist the help of your friends, co-workers, relative, neighbors, etc. Go to local supermarkets, laundry mats, etc and post an ad on the bulletin board .