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You need to give specific details from prior work experiences. You may have gotten satisfaction from a team project that went well, or a leadership position.

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Q: How would you tell a potential employer what past accomplishments gave you satisfaction?
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Is it ever okay for your references to contact a potential employer instead of them contacting your references?

If your reference has a prior relationship with the potential employer then the contact would make sense. If not, no.

What questions can a potential employer ask a current employer during a back ground check?

A potential employer is limited in the types of questions he can ask your current employer. Generally, he can only ask things like if he would ever rehire you and if you are currently working there.

What would an employer most want to see in a potential employee?

Enthusiasm and experience.

Can a previous employer give out information about why you were terminated?

If you are applying for Unemployment Benefits, yes they can. If it is for a reference for a potential employer, a wise HR rep will first require a signed release form be sent to them, from you, through your potential employer. Only then, would they answer the question that every reference is allowed, "Would you rehire this candidate?". Generally, this is a yes or no answer. Providing additional details is typically not wise in an effort to avoid potential lawsuits.

What accomplishments in your past jobs are you proud of and why?

Accomplishments that would include tasks that are related to the job being applied to would be good to include in the answer to this question. Showing the employer that they are proud of things related to this job and have done well with these things would be helpful.

When would you send a thank you letter to a potential employer?

Following your interveiw ...happy quizzing my fellow apex cheaters!

Can you get a fake drivers liciense to get a job?

I would advise against it, especially if the potential employer outsources background checks.

How do you reply to 'What would your last employer say about your attendance record'?

The right response: he'd say it was excellent. The potential employer you're interviewing with wants to know if you'll be reliable.

What is a prospective employer?

Prospective means: 1. of or in the future: prospective earnings. 2. potential, likely, or expected: a prospective partner. A prospective employer is an employer for whom you might work in the future or have a possibility of working (for example, an employer to whom you have applied for work or for whom you would like to work), but you are not yet working.

How can one impress a potential employer at a job interview?

In order to impress a potential employer at a job interview, one would need to keep a few things in mind. These things include, but are not limited to, dressing professionally, speaking clearly, being knowledgeable about the company you are interviewing for, as well as being polite.

The best way for an employer to find out if a potential employee can do a job is by?

The single best way to find out if a potential employee can perform a particular job is to put that person through a working interview. Allowing the candidate to work for a few hours will allow the potential employer to judge a person's capabilities as well as allowing the candidate to find out first hand if he or she would be a good fit for the company.

Who would be best to ask for a letter recommendation?

Often times when applying for a job, a resume is essential. The potential employer of a job seeker, may ask for a letter of recommendation after a person is hired. If the potential employee has lost his previous job due to downsizing or cut backs, once again the potential employer often asks for a letter of recommendation from the applicants former boss.

When a new employer checks with past employer can they tell them if you had an injury on the job resulting in a work comp case?

No they can only tell them if you would be rehired by them. If they have nothing positive to say about your performance they can legally tell them that they would not rehire you. They can not bad mouth or give a performance review to a potential employer even if you left under bad circumstances. They are only aloud to tell someone if they would rehire you.

What are the three positive things your last boss would say about you?

In a job interview, you may be asked what your last boss would say about you. Your perception of what they would say about you may tell a potential employer a lot.

How would you please use satisfaction in simple sentence?

Satisfaction is a well thought out answer.

How would your friend description yourself?

A potential employer may ask how a friend would describe you. State something about your loyalty and dedication, these traits often transcribe over to the job site.

How would you answer the question to a potential employer what event changed your life?

Such events as life changes are always unexpected. Many times there is no time to change direction to where it was turning to...

How do you describe your ideal job?

In describing your ideal job, don't state a specific job, state characteristics that would be present (regarding job satisfaction, contentment, working environment, relationship with your employer etc.).

How long does a written warning from employer stay on your record in Florida?

Since the only "record" it would appear on would be your employer's own files, as long as your employer likes; quite probably for at least the entire duration of your employment. If this is a real concern for you, you should ask your employer. Any employer with any degree of sense will not share their files with anyone... for the most part, all they will do if contacted by a potential employer is verify that you did in fact work there, what your title was, and whether you're "eligible for rehire" (that is, you weren't fired for cause) or not.

Do you have a legal obligation to tell your old employer the details of your new employer?

No. The only time any information about your new employer would be relevant to your old employer would be if your employment with the new employer violated a contract (eg covenant not to compete) you signed with the old employer.

Why would a prospective employer be interested in your health?

A prospective employer may be interested in your health because many employers pay a portion of their employees' health insurance. Health insurance premiums may be higher if you are in poor health or a regular smoker. However, a potential employer is not legally allowed to ask questions about health during an interview.

How do you answer 'Why should we hired you?

A potential employee should always answer questions such as, why should we hire you, truthfully. Tell the employer why you would like to work for the company and what skills you can bring to the company.

How can I increase my chances of getting a job when I fill out an online application instead of talking to the employer?

If you want to increase your chances of getting a job on the application attach a copy of your resume. then tell them your accomplishments and why you would be good for their company.

How do you answer describe your accomplishments in a job interview?

For a financial position, I would indicate that I saved my employer (or previous employer) $XXX,XXX better developing better procedures in A/R (accounts receivable), which is especially significant in this economic environment and are the cost side elimated a duplication of effort, and expense, in the financial reporting , budgetery process.

How do you answer 'What would your last employer say your strengths are'?

Sometimes during an interview, a potential employer will ask for an opinion of one's personal strengths. The best way to answer that question is to be honest, and back up one's assertions with specific reasons why each trait or behavior is applicable to oneself.