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He married in another state and didn't know he was still legally married to someone else

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Q: Husband gets marries knowing he is still married to someone in another country is this marriage to the person he married in another country legal in the eyes of the law in the US?
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Should you get annulment when you married with out knowing your husband visa was expiring 2 weeks after the marriage?

It depends, is it a trust issue, or did you marry him for the money?

Is it possible to live in a marriage knowing your spouse also loves another?

It is possible but a normal person with sense would leave them.

Is early marriage one of the problems that we encountered today?

Early marriage might be a problem for some in the way their relationships go. Being too young or not knowing one another well enough can cause a lot of hardship in a marriage.

What are possible consequences for not knowing the metric system?

You get ripped off when you trade with another country, or with a major company in your own country.

Why would your ex keep you in his life before and after his marriage to another woman without you ever knowing he was married?

how else would he get sex from you!

My husband left 4 months ago. Am I alound to get a divorce without knowing where he is?

It is possible to file for a divorce on the grounds of desertion. The waiting period varies from country to country.

Is my marriage legal because my husband used fake i.d. without me knowing?

If your husband marry you using somebody else's name... then you probably didnt marry the person who you thought he was. The reason why its because that's not his name. Using someone else's id its illegal.

How does a wife feel if her husband use some of the things he did with his mistress in bed with you?

Firstly the wife knowing very well her husband has a mistress should not be having a sexual relationship with him and knowing full well he uses the same toys on the wife as the mistress is disrespectful and disgusting. The wife needs to get a spine and stand up to her husband and tell him he gives up the mistress and goes to marriage counseling or he packs his bags; gets out and the wife files for divorce. Considering what the husband is doing he isn't worth keeping anyway.

If you separate from your husband and you have children is it okay to live at another man's house and have the kid's live there every other week knowing that this man is in love with your wife?


What problems come with early marriage?

Not really knowing each other

If a husband always verbally abuse his wife should she still stay in the abuse knowing that his wife don't love him anymore?

Verbal abuse could lead to physical abuse or even to fatality! If you are in a marriage that has no love - get out!

Use the word imperceptibly in a sentence?

When visiting another country and not knowing the language, it is very imperceptible to understand someone who is talking to you.

Can a wife claim a share in the trust of her husband set by his parents before the marriage?

Without knowing the specific wording of the trust document, it is impossible to answer this question. If there is a clause, or clauses that refer to, future spouses, or "heirs and assigns" she might be.

Is it of for a husband to call a lady friend at 5 AM with out his wife knowing?

Since hthe husband didn't notify his wife that he was speaking with another woman at an early time, it would be seen as cheating but if the husband asked before the calling to see if his wife would approve of it than it be alright. Plus calling another woman at that early of a time would make it sound like he's cheating.

Both husband and wife are on deed as joint owners. Can husband make a deed to a girlfriend without the wife knowing?


How did having common language help scholars in the Islamic world?

because alot of muslim countries are at war and knowing another language is good if they want to move to another country

What actors and actresses appeared in Expose or Knowing Her - 2009?

The cast of Expose or Knowing Her - 2009 includes: Shay Callesen as Husband

Will a wife feel different around her husband and in bed when she knows he was with another woman?

Definitely it will be very hard for a wife to have that intimacy she used to have with her husband. She will not know if her husband is thinking of his mistress while having intimacy with her. She will be uncomfortable and it will make her feel cold, which is natural for the betrayed partner. Most married men don't realize that wife will have a problem going back to what she used to have. She will also feel uneasy knowing that another woman shared her husband. This are some facts that we all face when we forgive our husband and let him back in our life.

What happened to Julius gumpertz?

He ran away with another woman. His wife died never knowing what happened to her husband but the Tenement Museum found legal documents showing that Julius ran away to marry another woman.

What should your daughter do when she catches you cheating on your husband?

There are no excuses for cheating and it's selfish and inconsiderate of not only your husband's feelings, but that of your daughter. Now you have put your daughter in the spot of wanting to protect both parents and not knowing what to do about the problem. 'You' need to take responsibility for your own actions and be honest with your husband. He won't be pleased, but, hopefully you both can communicate on better terms regarding the problems in your marriage or seek marriage counseling. If you don't feel reconciliation is an option then don't cheat; file for separation at least. You are suppose to be a role model for your daughter so start acting like it.

What do you do when your husband says at times he wishes you were dead?

Well, this type of statement is very inappropriate for a married couple. However, not knowing the circumstances behind this reoccurring statement, I would say its time for some serious marriage counseling. Viper1

Is Yuki Ohno's marriage was a cover for being gay?

If it were, there'd be no way of knowing.

Can a husband video his wife without her knowing it?

not without her permission, if you do it anyways she can have you charged.

How can you tell if your husband still has feelings for the girl he messed around with for mths how do you know he didnt just stay for kids?

You will have no way of knowing ever because you will have to really rely on what your husband says. Honestly, if you have chosen to work on your marriage and stay with him, you will have to let go of the past and trust what he says. If the constant worry as to whether your husband will cheat again, or go back with the other woman, you have to decide if you can live like that. If you can live with that, more power to you. You need to make your self healthy, and if that means staying and forgiving great, if it means freeing yourself from the pain and agony of never knowing the truth good for you.

What is punishment for knowing husbands passwords and reading email?

A bad marriage. If you don't trust him, get out.