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replace the ground wire cause its probably corroded

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How do you locate the ground wire on a 1996 Saturn?

The Chassis is the ground.

What is the ground in an electrical circuit?

"Ground" is an important concept in electronics and it has practical significance. Ground provides a reference from which all other voltages are "measured". It is generally held a zero volts. Ground comes from the old nomenclature of "earth ground" and sometimes it is still referred to as "earth". Occasionally, you will see "chassis ground". Chassis ground refers to the voltage of the electronics chassis, which sometimes is isolated from earth ground and there may be (usually there is) a voltage differential between earth ground and chassis ground. The intent of most three prong plugs is to keep the chassis ground the same voltage as earth ground. If this were not the case, there could be the potential (pun intended) of a nasty shock.

Where do you connect the battery ground cable?

To your vehicle chassis.

What is car ground clearance?

hoe far you have from ground to bottom of chassis (bottom of car)

How does a technician discharge static build up?

A; By wearing a wrist strap connected to chassis and grounding the chassis to earth ground

Is the term earth ground the same as chassis ground?

Technically, only if the chassis is connected to true ground (earch ground). However, often chassis ground may be termed earth ground when the chassis ground iis the most common and final gound in the system...Type your answer here...Additional AnswerAn example of a 'chassis ground' is the way in which a vehicle is wired. One terminal of the battery (usually the negative) is connected to the vehicle's metal parts. One side of each electrical component is then connected to the metal parts, while the other side is connected, via a switch arrangement and a protective fuse to the positive terminal of the battery. The vehicle's metal parts then act as the return conductor back to the negative terminal of the battery, and we call this a 'chassis ground' or 'chassis earth'. The term 'chassis ground' is also applied to electronic devices where a metal 'chassis' containing the various electronic components provide the 'reference potential' for those components.By contrast, an 'earth ground' describes a direct connection to the general mass of the earth itself -often as a means of limiting a voltage rise, or as a means of providing a low-resistance path back to the supply in the event of an earth fault in order to operate a protective devices such as a fuse or circuit breaker. By common agreement, the general mass of earth is considered to be a zero-potential reference point.As the original answer points out, it is not unusual for a chassis ground to be connected to an earth ground.

Where is the chassis of a dryer?

The chassis of a dryer is what you see when you look at the dryer. It is a frame work of metal that contains the rotating drum and motor assembly. When you ground a dryer it is this framework that the ground wire, from the cord, is connected to.

What are positive ground cars?

Cars in which the positive terminal of the battery is connected to the chassis. They require specially designed components built for positive ground cars. The usual configuration is a negative ground (the negative battery terminal connected to the car's chassis).

1991 capri does the radio need to be grounded separetly oR IS IT ALREADY GROUNDED through THE HARNESS OR ANTENNA?

It is not going to hurt to ground it with a secondary ground if you suspect it is not grounded. It is not grounded thru the antenna. Just run a ground wire from the radio chassis to any ground location.It is not going to hurt to ground it with a secondary ground if you suspect it is not grounded. It is not grounded thru the antenna. Just run a ground wire from the radio chassis to any ground location.

Why would the new rear speakers you installed in your 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix work for 2 days then have only a buzzing sound?

try checking you ground for a good connection. may try to ground radio to chassis. you can also buy a noise filter at an audio store that will take it out.

Where is the ground strap on a 1995 Ford Ranger?

The ground strap is the battery cable that connects from the negative battery post to ground, usually the chassis.

What Precaution should be taken when working around electronic devices?

ground yourself to common ground usually chassis

Where do the ground wires on a 98 s10 blazer hook up?

Which ground wires? Most of them ground either to the chassis or the body. Any fastener which you can get a good ground with will suffice.

What is system grounding?

All chassis/frame grounds are connected to Earth ground.

Where do you put the ground wire in a 1997 cavalier?

A ground is a ground...You can put it to any metel part or screw as long as it makes contact with the chassis or frame.

What is Grounding of an RV electrical system?

Connecting the ground wire to the metal chassis of the vehicle.

What does the term chassis earth mean?

There are two types of 'earth' or 'ground'. The first is the earth itself, which in electrical systems is universally considered to be a zero potential. The second type is called a 'chassis earth' or 'chassis ground'. In the case of motor vehicles, this is indeed the metal chassis of the vehicle, although the term is also used to describe the common metal component of any electronics device from which potentials are measured. For vehicle electrical systems, the metal chassis provides the 'return' circuit to the vehicles battery (usually its negative terminal). A chassis earth may, or may not, be connected to the earth itself.

How do you ground earth a car?

Unless it is a stationary vehicle where you can stick a spike into the ground, you can't ground earth a car. Aside of a chassis ground, the closest you can get to an earth ground is through the vehicle's tires, which ground you in the event of a lightning strike to the vehicle.

What is the difference between analog ground and digital ground?

nothing, ground is ground..

Where does the negative battery cable ground on 1990 Chevy 1500?

The large -Ground cable goes to the engine block, usually attached to a manifold bolt or altrnator bracket bolt.; separate smaller ground cable goes to chassis body. Large cable is the main return path for the starter and alternator. Small chassis ground is return path for lights and instruments.

How do you locate the ground wire on a car?

There are several ground wires - if you have a specific one in mind, please state which one it is. Some examples include the battery negative to ground (usually the chassis) and the engine block to ground.

Where is the Ground wire on alternator from battery?

There usually isn't one. The vehicle becomes the ground, and since the alternator is physically attached to the engine, the case of the alternator becomes the ground. Note that the battery is also connected to the vehicle chassis, usually at 2 or more points, and that the engine usually has a grounding strap to some solid point on the chassis.

Where is the ground wire on the alternator in a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am?

There is no ground wire.... it grounds through where it touches the engine

Where is the headlight ground wire grounded on a 1999 Chevrolet 12 ton pickup?

anywhere to the chassis of the truck

Where is the ground engine wire that goes to the chassis or car?

The ground wire leads from the negative side of the battery and connects either to the engine block or to the frame of the automobile.