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You're in a tight spot. So is your dad. Honoring, respecting and obeying your dad are really important things to be able to do. It is very hard to know the right course of action when a parent is bringing up a young person. there's no guarantee that parents will be perfect (as if that has to be announced). But when you are faced with similar decisions, not many years from now, you'll have a better understanding of how important your respect for your dad really is. Hang in there; things are not always the way they seem to be. Until you are an adult, your parents have the ability to 'take' your paycheck. In many states, you can't get a job without a work permit, which requires both parents and school authority permissions. It is a tough position to be in! huffanpuff says not in my state .you can get a job at 16 and no one can legally take your pay check. Is you dad telling you to hand over pay check to him? Is he going to your job and tacking your check?

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What effect of vandalism?

The effect of vandalism is both physical and emotional. The physical damage is destruction to property. The emotional damage is discouraging and a feeling of fear. Vandalism is an unfortunate byproduct of society.

How is the physical evidence in HSBC bank?

physical evidence in HSBC

Where is physical evidence found and collected?

Where is Physical Evidence found and collected?

Why is physical evidence important?

Physical evidence is important because it is considered extremely reliable. Physical evidence is possibly more valuable than direct evidence. Circumstantial evidence is perhaps the least valuable form of evidence.

What is the duration of Physical Evidence film?

The duration of Physical Evidence - film - is 1.65 hours.

How do you use physical evidence in a sentence?

A witnesses' memory can change but the physical evidencewill remain the same.

What type of evidence is a diary?

Physical evidence (For writing)

Why must a forensic scientist collect biological evidence before physical evidence?

Biological evidence is much more likely to degrade and become unusable before physical evidence does.

When was Physical Evidence - film - created?

Physical Evidence - film - was created on 1989-01-27.

What role does physical evidence play in burglary investigation?

physical evidence plays a very important role in a burglary investigation due to the fact that in some instances there is no evidence to to go by so when there is physical evidence it becomes the main focal point of the investigation.

What do you mean by Vandalism in auto insurance?

Comprehensive is a physical damage coverage that is designed to pay for damages caused to your vehicle. Several different losses are covered under comprehensive coverage including: fire, theft, vandalism, explosion, civil riot, hail, and colliding with a live animal. Some insurers refer to Comprehensive coverage as Vandalism coverage. This will cover practically any type of vandalism that occurs to your vehicle except vandalism that was intentionally done by yourself. You will be required to provide a police report if vandalism is claimed.

Are there really physical evidence of UFO?

Evidence? Yes. Definitive proof? No.

What are some physical evidence of Pizza Hut?

what are some evidence of izza

Are cars covered for vandalism away from your property?

If you carry Comprehensive Coverage on your car, you are covered for vandalism. Comprehensive covers you for all "Physical Damage" to your vehicle including thef and vandalism. One note: if you are keeping your car at a location other than your home, you need to list the alternate location on your policy.

Is there physical evidence of Adam and Eve?


The evidence collector is not concerned with?

Determining the natural variations that exist in physical evidence

Weapons tire tracks and finger prints are what type of evidence?

Physical evidence.

What do you call very small bits of physical evidence?

This could be trace evidence

Physical evidence in Jack the Ripper murder?

The physical evidence in the Jack case, was evidence within the victims not a evidence surfaced against Jack the ripper since he was not aprended. Prostitutes were slashed and bloody letters were sent to the police.

Any evidence found at a crime scene in the form of a physical object is what?


What are the different types of evidence in a criminal case?

Examples of types of evidence include, but do not limit to: scientfic (forensic), direct evidence, circumstantial evidence, computer evidence, physical evidence, trace evidence, etc.

Why science progresses by analyzing?

physical evidence

What is the physical evidence of the holy spirit?

There is none.

Service marketing mix?

price, place, promotion,process n physical evidence price, place, promotion,process n physical evidence

Why is emotional abuse not recognized as more damaging than physical abuse?

It is because emotional abuse is harder to prove than physical abuse.