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This is straight from the medicaid website - it basically says that not everyone with low income is eligible for medicaid, there are other screening tools. Even if you are low-income, having certain assets may prevent you from being eligible.

"Medicaid does not provide medical assistance for all people with limited incomes and resources. Even under the broadest provisions of the Federal statute (except for emergency services for certain persons), the Medicaid program does not provide health care services for everyone. You must qualify for Medicaid. Low-income is only one test for Medicaid eligibility; assets and resources are also tested against established thresholds. As noted earlier, categorically needy persons who are eligible for Medicaid may or may not also receive cash assistance from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program or from the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. Medically needy persons who would be categorically eligible except for income or assets may become eligible for Medicaid solely because of excessive medical expenses."

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Can you get Medicaid if enployed and are 40 years old?

No. However, you will be able to do so in 2014 if you have little or no income.

Do you have any plans for the uninsured not on Medicare?

Uninsured persons who have little or no income will be eligible for Medicaid by 2014.

I'm 8 months pregnant recently unemployed I have a simple private health insurance policy but it covers nothing that has to do with my pregnancy or delivery is there a chance I could get Medicaid?

Yes, if you are a US citizen with little or no income/assets.

What is medicaid?

Federal definition of medicaid Medicaid provides medical care to persons with little or no income and assets who are either disabled, over age 65, under age 18, or caring for children under age 18. Health insurance reform legislation will extend coverage to all persons of limited means by 2014. It is administered by the states subject to Federal regulation, and funded jointly by the States and Federal government.

Can a disabled 17 year old file for medicaid?

Yes, if s/he has little or no income/assets and is "permanently and totally disabled" as defined by SSA regulations.

Can you get Medicaid with no kids?

Yes, if you are a citizen with little or no income/assets and you are at least 65, or not yet 18, or permanently and totally disabled as defined by Social Security regulations.

Who does Medicaid assist?

Medicaid assists persons who have little or no income, who meet citizenship/alien - age requirements AND are either younger than 18 older than 65, caring for someone under 18, OR permanently and totally disabled as defined by Social Security regulations.

AreQmb's entitled for medicare part A without payment of premiums and deductible and copayment?

Qualified Medicare Beneficiary is a Medicaid program for persons with little or no income/assets. Medicaid pays the QMB's co-payments and deductibles. Medicare A & B premiums are usually deducted from the QMB's SSA benefits.

What do you do if you're pregnant with no income or insurance?

Contact your state social services and make an appt. to apply for Medicaid. It is also possible that in your community there are clinics which will accept patients who have little or no financial resources. The DFS (social services) will be able to aid you in finding medical help. It is very important for your health and your unborn child to seek prenatal care asap.

Are you eligible for Medicaid in Alabama?

I'm not familiar with Alabama per se, but in general you are eligible for Medicaid if you have little or no income/assets (other than personal property and homestead) AND you are either the caretaker relative of a minor child(ren), are over age 65, or are "permanently and totally disabled" as defined by Social Security regulations.

How do you avoid losing medicaid coverage if you win a settlement?

Medicaid is intended to help persons who have little or no resources of their own. If the net proceeds of your settlement plus your other income and assets exceed your State's Medicaid standard, you're going to lose coverage at least temporarily, until you can show that you've reduced your assets to less than the standard through payment of medical care and/or other legitimate living expenses such as rent, etc.

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What government insurance program provides health care to uninsured children of working families who earn too little to afford private insurance but too much to be eligible for Medicaid?

We need to know the country you are asking about to answer you.

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Can reciently divorced obtain medicaid in mo and sf?

Yes, if s/he is over 65, under 18, is caring for child(ren) under 18 or is "permanently and totally disabled" as defined by Social Security, has little or no income/assets and meets citizenship requirements.

Is it true medicare part A and B are provided free of charge for qualifying individuals?

True Medicare Part A is free for most persons. Medicaid will cover Medicare A & B premiums, as well as deductibles and copayments, for individuals with little or no income/assets who are Medicare eligible.

How much will braces cost when you have Medicaid?

Your provider will probably have to get prior approval for the braces from the Medicaid agency. Once that happens, the braces should cost you little or nothing. (Of course, this answer will be different if you have a spend-down.)

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Can illegal people get Medicaid?

I assume you mean, "undocumented aliens," because being a person is not illegal anywhere in the US, even Arizona. In general, one must be a citizen to receive Medicaid. Certain categories of "legal" aliens may also qualify. An undocumented alien may receive Medicaid for emergency treatment only, if the alien meets all the other factors of eligibility (over 65, under 18, caring for a relative under 18, or permanently and totally disabled; little or no income/assets).

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How much do you have to make to qualify for Medicaid?

It's more like, how little do you have to make. That varies among the States.

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