I am a 16 year old guy and not a transsexual but love to secretly wear girls clothes and diapers I don't know what is wrong with me I love girls and don't have any interest in guys please help?

You sound like you are transgendered and may have an age regression or diaper fetish. As for what to do, you can seek therapy to become more comfortable with this, or you can seek out like-minded persons to dress up together. There are cross-dressing and transgender organizations you can attend and/or join.

Well you may be what people call a heterosexual cross-dresser; a guy who likes to look like a woman, but still has interest in women. Its not very unusual; just not very "cool".

Asker: If I am one what do I do? I like it and all and it makes me feel good but I'd rather die then have anybody I know see me like that.

Drag Queens dress up to entertain others. You sound like a cross-dresser, someone who likes to wear women's clothes. That has no homosexual implications, despite stereotypes (but women might feel iffy about it).