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Q: I cant sleep when i know i have to be up early the next day why is this?
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How do you sleep on total miner forge?

That I know you cant maybe in the next update im not so sure

How do you know if he really want to be with you?

If he tells you he cant sleep at nite cuz all he thinks about is you sorry...that MELTS me!!! cuz ya no when you are so in love with someone you cant wait to see them the next day and ya just cant sleep sra:p

If you go to sleep at 2 am are you going to sleep early or late?

i think early because it is the next day

Why cant you sleep next to your spouse on sims?

Because you have talk with each other or be romantic

Should you sleep?

yes so you can have many energy the next day

What is the worlds longest sleeping yo-yo?

Come on people we all know the the longest sleeping yoyo is the yomega Brain Autoreturn I made mine sleep for 10 seconds no mod it was pro lol. Brains cant sleep for close to 3 minutes. the Phenom is longest that i know of next to diablos

If you haven't gone to sleep and its morning are you up early or late?

Early, because it's already the next day. Neither. You are "still up."

How does one know if they are talking in their sleep?

There are two main way to find out if someone is talking in their sleep. The first is to record a night of sleep and the other is to sleep next to someone and ask them to listen to you sleep.

Can sleeping in the dark with a television on affect your brain?

yess it can but then again it cant it depends on.. i dont really know but if you are watching tv before you go to sleep whatever was on the tv can effect what you dream about that night. and what kind of mood you are in the next day

Can a Red Eared Slider Turtle sleep in land?

no they cant they sleep in water be cause i have two of them and both sleep in water and not on land as i kept them on land to sleep one day and when i saw it the next morning they were woken up and mother to said that she saw them that night and all they were doing was moving

What song is i still hear your voice when you sleep next to me i cant think of the name?

Most likely the song you're thiking of is Every time we touch by Cascada.

What harm can a lack of sleep do to the body?

Not having enough sleep can cause cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and can cause you to not pay attention or forget things the next day. So go to bed early, kids! Unless you want to sleep in class...