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You can find out if you are still ovulating by buying an ovulation test kit from a drugstore.

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How many months pregnant are you if you are 20 weeks and 4 days pregnant?


When 5months pregnant can husband suck breast?


Why does a pregnant woman stomach growl?

i am 5months pregnant lady. i am look at no pregnant or not stomach. what is the reason

Is Ascorbic Acid safe for pregnant woman?

yes..after 5months

How long can it take to fall pregnant after a miscarriage?

ow long can you fall pregnant after a miscarriage ow long can you fall pregnant after a miscarriage

Can you have a miscarriage if you are not pregnant?

No. A miscarriage means you ARE pregnant. Therefore you can't have one if you aren't.

What are chances of getting pregnant after a miscarriage?

A miscarriage should not prevent you from becoming pregnant again.

Is it dangerous to get pregnant 2 months after you had a miscarriage?

It is dangerous to get pregnant so fast after a miscarriage.

Is Miriam McDonald pregnant?

yes she is about 5months pregnant with ryan cooleys baby there very happytobe new parents

Can you have a miscarriage if you didn't know you were pregnant?

Not knowing and not being pregnant are completely different things. If you are pregnant, whether you are aware of it or not, you can have a miscarriage. If you are not pregnant then you cannot.

Can one not know if a person is 5months pregnant and has had a miscarriage?

If you are Five months pregnant and miscarry, yes, you would know. At that point a miscarry would be vary vary painful and bloody with removal of the fetus being necessary. Or it's possible that your doctor will notice the fact that the fetus has failed to thrive and terminate the pregnancy before the miscarriage takes place either way you would defiantly know.

Can you have a miscarriage if test negative for Hcg?

You can't have a miscarriage if you are not pregnant

Can you get pregnant while slightly bleeding from a miscarriage?

No you can't get pregnant while slighty bleeding fro a miscarriage!

Can you get pregnant after a miscarriage if you didn't have a dilation and curettage?

Yes, you can get pregnant after a miscarriage if you didn't have a D&C. Most women do not need a D&C after miscarriage.

Can you get pregnant if you have had a miscarriage?

yes you can get pregnant again if that is what you mean.

What are the chances of miscarriage if you're pregnant on the IUD?

There is an approximately 30% chance of a miscarriage after removal of an IUD in a pregnant patient.

When should a rabbit get pregnant?

The smaller breeds can be breed from 5months and the larger breeds from 9 months :)

Can you have a miscarriage while being 3 weeks pregnant?

yes,miscarriage is a great risk of a 3 week pregnant woman.

Does 5 month pregnant woman take medicine for miscarriage?

Does 5 month pregnant woman take medicine for miscarriage?

How can you get pregnant after miscarriage?

Same way you did before. About 1/4 women have a miscarriage and there are usually no problems getting pregnant afterwards.

Can you have a second miscarriage if you get pregnant straight after miscarriage?

Yes you can have two miscarriages in a row

What is the teen miscarriage rate?

about 14% of all teen girls that get pregnant will have a miscarriage.

Can you have a miscarriage at five months pregnant?

You can have a miscarriage through out the pregnancy for different reasons.

Which happens more Male or female miscarriage?

Men do not get pregnant therefore they can not have a miscarriage.