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I have a 6 month old JVC 56FN97 that has developed a dark spot across the bottom of the screen that seems as though the screen is delaminated or something can it be fixed?

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2011-09-12 22:28:48

Figured it out... this may help you, doing it from memory so I

may have the number of screws off a bit, but the rest is


It was windex (thanks to my kids). Here's how to fix it (on a

JVC HD-56fn97). The key is to get to the windex before it's had a

chance to react with the plastic and leave a white haze on it. I

did all of this within 6 hours of the "incident" and the screen is

fine, there is no trace of a problem - AT ALL.

1. Remove speaker trim from front of TV on the bottom, there's a

couple tabs that you can find by feeling around... press them the

trim comes right off.

2. Remove the screws holding the speaker enclosure to the bottom

of the cabinet (approximately 6-8 screws) and carefully lower the

enclosure - the wires for the speakers are kind of short, you might

want help so you don't drop the enclosure and damage the wires etc.

Unplug the wires connected to the speakers - the right side wires

are black and red, the left side are whithe and black. (Don't worry

about which goes where, the connectors are different sizes, they

only go back on one way.)

3. Take the screws out of the back of the screen trim

(approximately 8) - BE CAREFUL not to drop the screen - the plastic

trim will break... this is not heavy but it is a little flimsy.

4. Lay the screen trim (with the screen in it) on a large flat

surface big enough to support the whole thing. Don't put it on the

floor, you want something that is going to be clean, lint free,

dirt / grease free, etc.

5. Unscrew the 4 screen retainers on the inside of the trim...

there are 2 sliver colored screws at the top and bottom of both the

left and rtight sides (total of 8 silver colored screws) and 2-4

black screws in the meddile of each side.

6. Lift out the screens (there are 2 and they are taped

together. Carefully cut the tape at the side and bottom, leave the

top tape intact.

7. Use a lint free cloth to dry the windex most of the way...

the big spots mostly. BE CAREFUL NOT TO WIPE / RUB TOO HARD - the

screens have a texture to them that you can't mess up or it'll

affect the picture. Get a hair dryer and blow COOL air across the

screens to dry the windex all the way.

Get another lint free rag and wet it with clean water, not

sopping wet, but a little more than damp. Use the wet rag to wipe

the entire screen down, in the pattern following the texture (one

is random, one is circular). Make sure to get the windexed parts

good. Use the hair dryer to dry it them completely.

You need to be careful to get all finger prints off the insides

of the screens - (oils on your fingers will leave finger prints...

I used a third lint free rag to hold the screens with to avoid

getting finger prints, etc on them). You also need to make sure you

get all the dust , lint, etc off the insides of the screens, when

you put them back together they'll be trapped in the screens and

highly visible.

Put the screens back together and re-tape the sides so that they

stay straight, tec. I used the skinny scotch tape. Wipe down the

side of the screen that will face the back of the tv so you won't

have any finger prints, dust, etc on the inside surface. (Note -

the silver side goes in the TV, the dark side goes out.) Be careful

not to touch the mirror inside or antyhing else, you may even want

to blow the hair dryer in there and get out any dust, etc that is

in there before you put everything back together.

8. Re-assemble the tv the opposite of taking it apart. Be

careful that you put the screen retainers from step 5 back in the

right order of the screw hole won't line up right. The side go in

first then the top and bottom.

You should probably have someone help you with this, a second

set of hands isn't required, but makes removing / installing the

screen, etc much easier.

This whole process took me 5 hours, but I was going VERY slow so

as not to break anything, and about half of that time was spent

just figuring out how to take the screen off.

You could possibly put a small bead of silicon caulk along the

edges of the screen (on the retainers in step 5) to prevent this

from happening again ( a VERY SMALL bead of caulk) but I don't know

if that will affect the screen or make it harder to remove the

screen in the off chance that you have to do this again.

Good luck.

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