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go to your doctor and get a blood pregnancy test

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Q: I have had 3 missed periods and 3 negative tests what should i do am i pregnant?
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Negative blood test then 20 days after missed period positive hpt?

iam in the same situation, i mean 20 days of missed period but negative dying to get pregnant, plz anyone tell me when should i test again to get positive results. I missed my periods fr first time.

What should I do because I have irregular periods and I missed one but im not pregnant?

If you miss more then one period in a row and have a negative home pregnancy test you should see a Dr. They can find the cause of your issue and treat it.

If you have missed 2 periods but have taken 6 tests that have been negative also your feeling fluttery feelings in your stomach and it feels heavy and slightly hard could you be pregnant?

After 6 negative tests it's very, very unlikely that you're pregnant. but the question is why did you miss out on two periods? this is not a normal occurrence... you should still seek medical help regarding this...

What should you do if you've missed 3-4 periods?

GO TO THE DOCTOR because if your not pregnant then there might just be something wrong kb

You have irregular periods and you think im pregnant but it dont show on the testers what do you do?

If you are still having periods and the tests have proved negative then you are not pregnant. What you should do is in future take more care with your contraception.

Should I stop birth control if my tests came back negative but I still feel pregnant?

Should I stop birth control if my tests came back negative, but I still feel pregnant, but haven't missed a period yet?

Can women be pregnant if periods cycle is not normal?

Yes actually it can be. Skipped or missed periods are one of the major signs of pregnancy. You should have some tests done just to be sure though.

You missed your priod for month and 11 days?

Is there a possibility you could be pregnant? Stress can also cause women to skip periods. To be sure, you should see a gynecologist.

Can you have negative pregnancy tests normal periods and be on birth control and be pregnant?

yes but more likely not to be you should go check with a doctor

Can paragard cause a missed period?

Paragard does not cause missed periods. If you miss a period on Paragard you should take a pregnancy test as soon as possible.No, it's not mormal.I read that if it's late you should see your healthcare provider because you might be pregnant.

What should you do when you have missed 2 periods and have taken urine tests which were negative but also have other symptoms of pregnancy?

If your last negative test was very recent, then chances are you are not pregnant, but should call your doctor to find out why you are not having periods and to check to see why you are having pregnancy symptoms. If the last test you took was awhile ago, you could retest or maybe still contact your doctor and have a blood pregnancy test done. good luck to you ~pawsalmighty

Can you get pregnant just 4-5 days before your periods are supposed to start?

Yes, it is possible to get pregnant at any time which is why it is important to always use protection. If she missed her period she should take a pregnancy test.

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