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NO.unless the bleeding gets heavy then i would call your doctor,but sometimes light pink discharge could mean the weight of your pregnancy,but if it keeps doing it then i would go to the doctor

2006-07-23 07:29:57
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Q: I have taken a positive test i am are about 6 weeks should I be worried because i have brown and light pink discharge?
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Should you wear a pad when you are not on your period?

Not necessarily. If you are worried about vaginal discharge, a pantyliner would suit your needs because it smaller,more comfortable, and still fully absorbs.

If you notice a decrease in vaginal discharge at 6 weeks should i be worried?

Its obvious why no answer has been posted to this question.

31 weeks pregnant having a white milky discharge and cramping should you be worried?

See your doctor ASAP.

Should you be worried two pregnancy test came up positive and four have came up negeative?

YES! You should go to a doctor. The pregnancy test showed up positive because it detected the hormone that says your pregnant..

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Should you be worried if you had brown discharge after regular period that was on time?

Brown discharge after a normal period is normal for many women. Brown discharge is simply old blood. However, if the discharge lasts for more than seven to 10 days, it may help to seek the advice of a gynecologist as prolonged discharge may be a sign of stress, perimenopause or in rare cases, pregnancy.

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If you are eight weeks pregnant and have been having brownish discharge for six days that started the day after sex should you be worried?

Hi, Brownish discharge can occur during pregnancy hun but it may also be due to a vaginal infection. See your doctor for a examination but you do not need to worry about your pregnancy because it is old blood and not fresh blood. But do see your doctor.

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