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"Link to the main Google page"

Let us interpret it as you want your page on which you have written the article to come up in Google.

Assuming your article is live on the internet and you have a URL for the same you should make sure the URL appears on some other pages on internet which have been indexed ( exist in Google memory) by Google.

This method is called backlinking. The best you could do is to join some article submission site like or and post an article about your page or the contents of your writing. Then make sure you put the URL of your Viscount furnace article on them. So in some time you page will also come up in the Google results. If you have other article pages that have already been indexed by Google then add a link of the new article you have written to them too.

Second intrepretation of "Link to the main Google page"

If you want to link to then you may put an anchor tag. Search for HTML anchor tag or HTML link on Google.

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