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You cannot transfer the place on the list to a friend...they need to qualify and get on the list on their own.

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What you call the music tattoo?

tops and waiting on a friend

What are the lyrics to Watching and Waiting by The Moody Blues referring to?

Watching and waiting for a friend to understand them, and share their time with.

Is Crystal Bowersox married?

If you believe her comment about her boy friend needing to man up. The answer is no.

Who was Roblox first friend?

Roblox's first friend is bigbluesnow10. If you want to find out someones first friend in the future, then go to the friends section. The player at the top left of the section is the player's first friend.

How do you get a friend that likes you to ask you out?

How about this instead of waiting for them ask them.If you are scared then have a friend do it. (Trying not to sound sarcastic:)

What section Montana?

Montana is my best friend

What songs did The Rolling Stones record in 1973?

'Angie' and 'waiting on a friend'

What should you do while waiting for a friend?

you should go watch the television

How do you transfer FarmVille cash to a friend?

You cannot transfer Farmville cash to a friend and instead you can pay them directly to their paypal or you can buy a wonderful gift with that cash and send it to your friends.

Is or is not a gamma ray a friend to the needy?

Yes! If you are needing treatment for a brain tumor or some other such malady.

A person needing food?

A person needing food could go to a local food bank, apply for government asisstance, ask for help from a church, or ask for help from a friend or family member.

French term for waiting for you?

If one is only waiting for one person that is familiar, like a friend: Je t'attend = I am waiting for you Il/Elle t'attend = He/She is waiting for you Ils/Elles t'attendent = They are waiting for you Nous t'attendons = We are waiting for you If one is waiting for more than one person or someone to be respected, then replace the " t' " with "vous" (Je vous attend = I am waiting for you, etc.)

How do you use eagerly in a sentence?

I looked around eagerly, waiting for the answer that never came. I kept looking around, waiting for my friend to show up.

What can one do while waiting for a 4 hour car repair?

While waiting for your car to be repaired, one can read or phone a friend and go out to lunch.

How do you get one of your facebook friends to be your Tetris friend?

Always remember that you cannot transfer your FB Friend into your Tetris friend. Your friend must have a Tetris account and then add him/her at Tetris

How do you get the vendetta tan on zwinky?

you have to have an account with the tan, its a wardrobe transfer, must find a friend or person who has the tan. they will do a wardrobe transfer

What form do you use to transfer an asset to your friend at another base?

None. The EC can never transfer an asset to another base.

How do you view bebo friend requests If it's not in the to do section?

If it's not in your to do list then you don't have any friend requests

How can you transfer your mortgage to a friend?

You cannot transfer your mortgage to your friend. The lender owns the mortgage. You must discuss the situation with your lender to determine if it will allow your friend to assume the mortgage obligation. If so then you can convey the property to your friend by deed and the lender will execute an assumption agreement with the new owner.Mortgages have a due on transfer clause. That means if you transfer the property to a new owner the full amount of the mortgage will become due immediately as you agreed when you signed the mortgage. You will be the one responsible for paying and not the new owner. Remember that the person you transfer the property to did not apply for the mortgage and was not approved by the lender.

How many cars can you sell per year in Wisconsin before needing a dealers license?

trying to help a friend with the answer to this question

While Henry's regiment was waiting for the battle to begin what did Henry's friend do?

He went to sleep

What episode number is ninetails in?

Beauty and the Breeder EP169 or Just Waiting On a Friend EP232

Does Jacob Perez from mindless behavior have a girl friend?

no he says he is single and waiting for his MRS.RIGHT :)

You and a friend each drive 50 km. you're going 90 kmh your friend 95 kmh how long will the friend be waiting for you at the end of the trip?

fgdgfdvfdvfgfgff :0

What actors and actresses appeared in The Waiting Room - 1992?

The cast of The Waiting Room - 1992 includes: Aleksandr Chaban as Hero Aleksandr Fediakin as Friend