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I need help writing a letter about what type a person someone is to give to a judge in court?

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if it is a favourable letter, you might list how long you've known the person, in what capacity (friend, fellow employee, etc.), how you feel about the person and why, what good things you've observed them doing, such as being very good with children, neighbours, even pets...anything that shows them to be a good person who contributes to society...good grades perhaps, or helps others, has a job (responsible person), if you think they've been influenced by others, list that as well, perhaps they've had difficult times because they've been abused, and they've tried hard to recover, (on their own, or with counselling, etc.)...try not to get too emotional, but write it from the point of view of a professional if you can, as if you were their teacher, church pastor, or anyone in authority, even if you're not (don't say you're a professional, just think that way when you write it)...that way you'll write a solid letter, that is real, not just emotional...write down everything you can, then go through the letter and edit wishes, hope everything turns out well.

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To take a person to court is called?

to take someone to court is to sue them.

How can a person become power of attorney over a person who is unable to appoint someone?

They will have to apply to the probate court. The court can grant the authority to someone to take care of the estate of the individual.

What is the term for someone who sues another person?

The person who is filing the lawsuit against someone is the plaintiff in the US court system.

Can someone take you to court if they get a STD?

No, a person will not be taken to court over a STD (not including HIV).

What court does someone go to if they lose in the federal district court?

A person would appeal to the US Court of Appeals for that circuit.

Can you represent someone in court if you are not an attorney?

Yes, a person can choose to be represented in court by someone who is not a licensed attorney. An attorney is better suited to help in court since they know the laws.

What word starting with L is someone who defends you in court?

A lawyer defends you in court. It begins with the letter L.

What is it called when you take a person to court?

It is called suing. You sue someone.

What is 'a ward of the court' mean?

A ward of the court means a person, usually a minor who is a responsibility of the court. The court will usually appoint someone to care for her or him.

Can you write your husband in jail even though you both have court ordered protection orders?

If you have a court order prohibiting contact, writing him a letter would violate that court order.

What happens if you don't have a lawyer when someone takes you to court?

If you don't have a lawyer when someone takes you to court, you will have the option to defend yourself. However, if a person is arrested and taken to court, they have the option to be given a court appointed lawyer that will defend them on their behalf.

If someone writes a song can they be taking to court?

Yes, leave the song writing to the professionals. When an amateur writes a song they most often get taking to court. BEWARE!

Sample character letter for a court hearing?

A character letter for a courting hearing should include information about the person and how good of a person they are. You should also include in the letter how long you have known the person.

Can you make someone probate a will?

You cannot make someone probate a will; however you can make the person who has possession of the will deliver it to the probate court so that you can begin the process of probating it. All states will entertain an action to compel a person in possession of a will to produce it in court. Once that person produces it in court and hands it over, the person who brought the action can then start probate proceedings.

What happens when the court names a person the pro se defendant?

It means that the person is representing themselves and does not have an attorney.Added: Unsure what the questioner is asking. The court can refer to someone as a Pro Se defendant (meaning that they are representing themselves without benefit of legal counsel) but the court doesn't "name" someone a pro se defendant.The court cannot require that someone defend themselves.

Who is someone who represents another person in court?

A lawyer or an attorney (the two terms are synonymous).

Can a person be represented in court by someone other than an attorney?

You can represent yourself or have an attorney.

Someone who begins a lawsuit against another person in a civil court is known as the what?


Can a person sell a property without probating a will in philadelphia?

Not legally. In order to sell real property, someone has to have the authority to do so. Without a letter from the probate court, such a transfer would not be legal.

How do you avoid the urge to court somebody?

There's no way to not find someone attractive, so focu your attention on someone, or something else. Find a hobby. Find a new person to court.

When a person writes their wishes down on paper but doesn't leave a Will does the writing stand up in court?

Sometimes, in some states, if the "wishes" are entirely in the decedent's handwriting. However, the writing must be submitted to the probate court as the last will and testament and the court will make that determination depending on many factors.

How do you declare someone mentally incompetent in Texas?

To declare someone mentally incompetent in Texas, you must go to court with a professional's declaration that the person is incompetent. The court may decide to appoint you or someone else as the person's guardian.

How do I set up an estate for my dad who died without a will?

Apply to the court for a letter of authority. The court will appoint someone and they will execute the laws of intestacy.

What is the Court of Appeals used for?

The court of appeals is used when someone appeals, their case. A person does this when they feel that their rights were violated during their initial trial.

Can law officials arrest someone for contempt of court outside of the courtroom?

Yes, but only if the court has placed an arrest warrant on said person.