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I need help writing a letter about what type a person someone is to give to a judge in court?


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February 28, 2013 9:08AM

if it is a favourable letter, you might list how long you've known the person, in what capacity (friend, fellow employee, etc.), how you feel about the person and why, what good things you've observed them doing, such as being very good with children, neighbours, even pets...anything that shows them to be a good person who contributes to society...good grades perhaps, or helps others, has a job (responsible person), if you think they've been influenced by others, list that as well, perhaps they've had difficult times because they've been abused, and they've tried hard to recover, (on their own, or with counselling, etc.)...try not to get too emotional, but write it from the point of view of a professional if you can, as if you were their teacher, church pastor, or anyone in authority, even if you're not (don't say you're a professional, just think that way when you write it)...that way you'll write a solid letter, that is real, not just emotional...write down everything you can, then go through the letter and edit wishes, hope everything turns out well.