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They only check your SAT score to see that you weren't cheating on the PSAT, so you would need to get close to 2230.

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Q: I received a 223 on the PSAT what do I need to score on the SAT to become a National Merit Finalist?
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Does Carleton college offer scholarships to national merit finalists?

They offer $2000 per year for any National Merit Finalist

Is there a list of previous national merit scholarship finalists?

The National Merit Scholar Corporation does not release the actual names of finalists or winners of the NMS competition. Unless somebody has privately compiled the name of every finalist, there is no official list.

What is a national merit scholar?

A national merit scholar is student who has first taken the PSAT in spring of their junior year and scored high enough to qualify for a semifinalist position the national merit competition. Next, those semifinalists are asked to complete an application with 2 letters of recommendation, transcripts, SAT scores, a list of extracurricular activities, honors, and write an essay. From there, the application is reviewed. Of those semifinalists, a portion of students are selected for the finalist level, and from the finalists, the National Merit Corporation chooses students to become National Merit Scholars. National Merit Scholars are given $2500 by the corporation and also may qualify for a variety of school and corporate sponsored scholarships.

What were Hillary Clinton's grades in high school?

Hillary Clinton was a National Merit Finalist so that should be an indication of her stellar academic performance in high school.

When was National Merit Scholarship Program created?

National Merit Scholarship Program was created in 1955.

What 3 things to you need to become a National Merit finalist?

It is way more than 3 things. But basically, have VERY good grades in college preparatory classes. Take the PSAT in your junior year and answer the National Merit questions on the PSAT. You have to be a US Citizen or have applied for permanent residency to lead to citizenship. Your PSAT score will have to be in the top 50,000 tested in the country. If you qualify, when you are invited by National Merit Scholarship Corporation to be a Commended Student or Semifinalist, name two colleges or universities you want to attend. In September of your Senior year you will be notified whether you are a Semifinalist. Then complete the required application and your school principal has to endorse you. Keep your grades up all of Junior and Senior years. Take the actual SAT and have your SAT scores sent to National Merit to confirm your PSAT score. Submit whatever other information they may ask from you. In February of your Senior year you will find out if you are a Finalist. In March you will find out if you are a Scholar.

When did Stephenie Meyer win the national merit scholarship?

Stephenie Meyer won the National Merit Scholarship in 1992.

When was Medal of Merit for National Defence created?

Medal of Merit for National Defence was created on 1966-04-21.

When was Medal of Merit of the National People's Army created?

Medal of Merit of the National People's Army was created in 1956.

When did Medal of Merit of the National People's Army end?

Medal of Merit of the National People's Army ended in 1990.

Where is a list of National Merit finalists?

A list of all National Merit Finalists, from all fifty states, can be attained by contacting the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. However, if you seek a more specific region, most state departments of education also compile a list of their respective National Merit Finalists. Additionally, at the local level, most high schools proudly publish a list of all National Merit Finalists who attend their school.

What did Hillary Clinton score on sat?

SAT scores are not public information. However, Hillary Clinton was a National Merit Finalist, which means she scored at or above the 99.5th percentile on the PSAT and mostly likely earned a commensurate score on the SAT (i.e. 1500+).

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