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According to your shop manuals (Chilton's, Haynes, etc.) it states to set the timing to 0 degrees with the advance unplugged. You then need to disconnect the battery to let the ECM reset, plug your advance back in and re-connect the battery. Now when you check you timing again it will be well advanced from the 0 degrees you set it at, this is normal. However, I have recently spoken to two separate professional enginge builders and they have told me that setting your timing to 0 degrees is wrong, they both have stated to set it to 10 degrees BTDC with the advance disconnected. They have also told me that you should not have more than a 34 degree advance at 2000 rpm at any time. 0 degrees timing causes your engine to run a little hotter, which I have experienced and you have a potential to crak a head, also something I have personally experienced.

2011-09-13 01:58:09
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