I think my hamster had a fit?

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Leave it go and give it a treat. That should settle it down

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Q: I think my hamster had a fit?
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How do you get the Hamster fit in Professor Layton and Pandora's Box?

How to get the Hamster fit again. Please see the Related link below for a walkthrough of how to get the Hamster Fit!

Would a dwarf hamster fit in the Petville Roll-A-Coaster Hamster Habitat?

Yes. The wires in the cage have gaps too small for a dwarf hamster to fit through. The cage is good for dwarf hamsters.

Can syrain hamsters fit in drawf hamster cages?

oh no, no they can't they are one of the biggest of the hamster breeds.

Can you get sick from your drwarf hamster?

I think you can only get salmonellosis from a hamster but its very very very very VERY rare to get it; your hamster probably wont have it if he/she looks fine when you get the hamster. but anything else i dont think you can get from a hamster.

What should you do if you think your hamster is obese?

I think you can get special low fat hamster food at certain pet stores.

Which hamster is calmest male or femail?

it depends on the hamster I think it would be either or

What is a nimish upadhyay?

i think a hamster

What kingdom is the hamster in?

Animalia, i think!

Can you dress up your pet hamster?

Yes you can! You would have to be very gentle with your hamster and make sure that the clothes fit! And the hamster will not enjoy that while you dress them and they may bite you!

How big is a fully grown hamster?

it depends on what kind of hamster you want to get. most hamsters will become about as long as a pocket comb. Teddy bear hamsters tend to get as big as one of those air conditioner remotes. Beware, it doesn't matter how large the hamster is, if you can fit a pencil under the space, you can fit a hamster.

How do you know when your dwarf hamster is sick?

Well, I once had a hamster that I think died of namonia

Why does your hamster have a lump near its tail?

My hamster has that! i think they have if they are boys, if you know what i meen lol ;)

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