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There are always several ways to do things, and the products used can vary greatly, that being said, I'm assuming that plug earrings stretch the earlobe piercing to receive

a plug, here is a site that has several books and some information:

Jewelry Concepts & Technology

I can't even tell you how often we get asked, "How do I make my own jewelry?" Since we do not give advice on how to manufacture body piercing jewelry, I thought this book might be a good solution. This hefty tome is one of the most comprehensive and thorough books on jewelry making techniques out there, written by Oppi Untracht, the man who brought us Traditional Jewelry of India, listed above. While not specific to making body jewelry, it covers traditional jewelry forming techniques with such depth, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more amazing book on the subject.


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Q: I want to make my own plug earrings from wood. How do i go about doing so What kind of wood where do i get it What tools do I need?
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