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I want to purchasea Pontiac sunfire.. abs was disconnected.. 2 yrs later reconnected... service light still this still a good car to buy will it pass safety what is the service light for?



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First, does the ABS work? If it does it is most likely a problem in the computer in which case you'd need to buy a new one, (very expensive) If the ABS doesn't work try looking under the rear end of your car for a wire that is broken if there is no broken wire it is probably the computer. I drove my sunfire for a long time with the ABS light on and ABS not working and it was fine, you just have to compensate for it and make sure you don't slam on the brakes lock up your tires(locking up your tires won't hurt anything, but will severely limit your steering ability. As for passing safety as far as i know it won't matter, but to be sure contact the place you will be getting it safetied and ask them.