I work in retail and customers come in all the time with internet coupons for free tide bounty etc where do they get them?

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From the internet.
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How do coupons work?

Coupons save you money. If there is an item you want to purchasebut don't want to pay full price. You give the cashier thecoupon(s) and he/she will lower the price.

What is customer conversion in retail?

Customer conversion is more commonly called Sales Conversion. It is the percentage of people that enter a store that buy something. It is calculated by the number of sales transactions divided by the number of people who enter the store. It is an essential Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for retaile ( Full Answer )

Why are all tides greatest at the time of a new or full moon?

Answer: Paste this into your browser: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tide&action=edit§ion=5 [Very briefly] As the moon moves around the earth, its gravity affects (pulls on) the water in the oceans (mainly because water is quite a bit less dense than the rock that underlies it ( Full Answer )

When will the free internet flash game Ray 3 come out?

Yes but it will take a longer time because the maker trashed the orignal idea and started a new one explaining everything about ray from his kid to his past and will have awesome graphics trust me it will be worth the wait as it will be over an hours worth of play... PS I'm obviously a R tard, yes i ( Full Answer )

How do you get signed into your wow home page you are a new customer and was not told how to set up your email through wow or access your music and all of things that come with your wow internet?

I just thought I would put this here just to bother people because I want you guys to go the the site leaders and let them know that you can't answer a question someone else has already answered and you can't fix their answers if they suck, like this one. Yes, I am bored and have nothing better to ( Full Answer )

Does iPhone comes with free internet?

No. You have to pay an extra $30 per month (if you're an existing customer. Don't know about new plans) for unlimited Internet, 200 text messages and a few other things. It's really a good deal since you'll easily download a gigabyte over the cell network within a year (I did). If you look at it tha ( Full Answer )

Where do all the nude girls on the internet come from?

Anywhere and everywhere for one or more various reasons:. 1) some for money or other payment. 2) some because they like to do it. 3) unfortunetly many are physically forced, blackmailed, and tricked. 4) some are photographed without knowing it

Do you go on the internet all the time?

well wen u are on your PC or laptopmost people go on the internet exept if they have PC games that are like 12 yrs old so realy most people use internet

What is the problem when all a car's instruments - speedometer odometer etc stop working all at the same time occasionally and then start working again later on while driving down the road?

If all the instruments behave erratically like that it could be caused either by the main plug onto the circuit board just being loose - it needs pushing back on tight - or maybe it has a worn-out connector pin? Or it could be just one loose wire such as a chassis bonding wire. (Also called a ground ( Full Answer )

Do all iPod touch come with internet?

No, there is not ipod touch without internet as all of them have a Wireless chip inside them. you can see the cover for it, its the black spot on the top right back of your ipod touch the ipod touch has internet browser, music player, video, itunes, and a lot more

Do blackberrys use the internet all the time?

It depends what you mean. Most of the newer ends of blackberrys use internet these days, but this is a silly question as you must have a data plan with your service provider. If you are using your blackberry without a data plan then you are an idiot because blackberrys are designed to use the intern ( Full Answer )

Where do you report coupon fraud from internet?

I actually don't think you can report coupon fraud on the internet. You might just want to go to the place where the coupon is redeemable. The cashiers should know.

Do all playstation3 come with internet?

All PlayStation 3 systems come with wireless internet capabilities, but the internet is completely separate from the system. You will need to get internet access from a carrier like Time Warner Cable or At&t, and then you will be able to connect to the internet.

What r all the different time travel hypotheses theories proven ideas etc regardless of whether they actually work in theory reality etc?

one of the theories that i know of is that the faster that you travel the slower time passes for you. this has been proved in a actual test where two mechanical clocks were started at the same place and time exactly then one was flown around the world when it got back is was .001 second behind the o ( Full Answer )

How do all of these time travel ideas hypotheses theories etc work in theory and also work or not in reality What r the obstacles or prevention Likelihood of ever being possible etc?

In theory, the relativistic time effects can be calculated used the Lorentz transformation equations. See link. These effects can't be experienced directly by humans yet, but they have been verified using some astronomical observations, and also contrasting the known half-lives of some elementary pa ( Full Answer )

Is Blogger free all the time?

Yes, it is totally free for blogging. You can use it for exploringyour talent in various niche.

How do you attract customers in a retail showroom?

By speaking to your satisfied customers well met needs. Sales are the most common tactic but personally, I prefer value added. Depending on your physical location, you could hire a dancing "fill in the blank" that represents your product and get them out there near heavy traffic as a lure to y ( Full Answer )

When does all time lows new album dirty work come out?

January 17 2010 is the set release date! Can't wait. Actually, it wont be realease on the 17 of January. It was said to be realeased on March 21, but there has been no updates about it on any of their twitters. The Dirty Work Tour starts tomorrow too, but i guess its gonna be realeased sometime in ( Full Answer )

Is internet service free at all libraries?

it could change dependant of what country but in most yes it is free but sometimes there are certain restrictions to what sites you may visit and things you can do

Do all hotels offer free internet service?

No, many hotels do offer free internet service but it is best to check when you are making your reservations. Some hotels charge to provide the internet access code.

What did shakespeare do in his free time hobbies etc?

We have no idea. Shakespeare did not keep a diary or write chatty letters to people which would reveal what he did in his spare time, if he had any. One suspects that if he was able to get any amount of time off, he would use it to visit his family in Stratford. However, since the company was playin ( Full Answer )

The balance of work and free time?

There are many ways that a person can balance free time and work time. If a person makes a schedule and can follow it, it can be possible to have equal time for both and still be productive.

How can coupons be acquired through the internet?

There are many options for finding coupons over the internet. Your local grocery store may have some printable coupons available on their website. You may also want to check the manufacturer's website for products you may be interested in, as they frequently offer printable coupons.

Does a PSvita come with free internet?

The PSVita connects to your wireless router in exactly the same wayas your PC and other online devices, and uses your own internetconnection to access its online functions such as the browser, PSNstore, and online gaming. There is no additional cost for this.

Where can one get free retail coupons?

Coupons for free items can be received directly from the manufacturers. If one has a problem with a product, the company may reimburse the customer will free coupons. There are also promotions on companies Facebook pages, and their main websites, where free coupons may be given out.

Where can one find printable retail coupons?

There are several sites that offer printable coupons. Examples include TheKrazyCouponLady, Printable Coupons Blogspot, My Savings, StretchingaBuckBlog, and PennyPinchinMom.

What types of coupons does Retail Me Not offer for the retailer Avenue?

Retail me not offers a wide variety of coupons. Some of the coupons are for sunglasses. One can get up to 50 percent off on designer sunglasses. Some coupons are for women dresses and shoes. They offer up to 60 percent off on women dresses and shoes. The site has very good deals. It even gives you ( Full Answer )

How can one use the internet to get free stuff like coupons?

One can use the internet to get free stuff like coupons by going to freebies sites and registering as a member. One should check the sites regularly and when coupons for free stuff come out, one should order the coupons. The coupons will then be mailed to one's registered address.