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Ideal temperature for aquarium fish?

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Most tropical and Saltwater Fish will like a temperature of 78 degrees to 82 degrees. Goldfish will appreciate temperatures a little lower than this.

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Ideal water temperature for parrot fish aquarium?

70-82 degree Fahrenheit

What is ideal temperature for turtle aquarium?

70 to 80 degrees is ideal for a turtle

What temperature does an aquarium have to be at?

The correct temperature that an aquarium should be is 78 to 80 deg F for warm water tropical fish.

What temperature dose the sea have to be for fish to stay alive?

Depending On Whether They Are Tropical (Hot Temperature) Fish Or Aquarium Or Outdoor Or Indoor (Cold-Medium Temperature) Fish

What is an aquarium chiller used for?

You would use a aquarium chiller to cool the water in your aquarium for certain types of fish that need cooler water then room temperature. It helps to keep the water at a constant temperature.

What is the right water temperature for tropical fish in an aquarium?

Depends on the type of tropical fish you have in your tank, the temperature can be from 70 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can you put freshwater fish in a salt aquarium?

No!!! Freshwater fish and Salt water fish are totally different!!! You can't put a saltwater fish in a freshwater fish aquarium and you can't put a freshwater fish in a saltwater fish aquarium. They won't live very long!!! They need different water and a different water temperature.

With what can you know your fish tank temperature?

The instrument that is needed to measure the temperature of the water is called an "Aquarium Thermometer".

Can the fish grow in the aquarium?

the fish will grow in the aquarium when there is a hydrilla plants in the aquarium.

Why do the fish in an aquarium die when the temperature of the aquarium is raised?

Yes, if they are cold water fish and they are in there for a long time. Tropical fish could stand the water a bit hotter. But not too hot. Though i would'nt try it.

Ideal tEmperature for female bettas in 10 gallon aquarium?

Bettas should be kept at around 75F to 78F.

What water temperature should a fish aquarium be?

For Bettas not below 73F or above 83F

How soon can you put fish in aquarium after setting up?

after you establish the right water temperature

What degree should water be in a fish tank?

The temperature of the water depends on the type of life/fish you intend to keep in the aquarium.

What temperature do warm water fish need?

The ideal temperature for tropical fish is normally 70-80F (21-27C). This guide does include exceptions.

When a fish dies in aquarium what to do?

Get a small Aquarium Fish Net, get the body of the Fish, put it in the toilet.

Fish Aquarium Filters?

form_title= Fish Aquarium Filters form_header= Keep your fish healthy with a new filter. What is the size of your aquarium?*= _ [50] What type of fish do you have in the aquarium?*= _ [50] How old is your current filter?*= _ [50]

How do you take care of a fish in a aquarium?

To start with, you need to figure out what type of fish are in your aquarium. research the fish to figure out what they eat and at what temperature they should live in. You'll need a good filter made for your size of aquarium and a heater to regulate temperature. if you are keeping fresh water fish, put water conditioner into your aquarium and let it sit in the water with the filter on for about a day before putting fish into the tank. Putting decor in your aquarium provides shelter and entertainment for your fish, so decor like fake plants and rocks are suggested. After putting your fish into the aquarium, feed them twice daily and the filter will clean the tank itself. change the filter cartridge or rinse it out thoroughly at least once every 2-3 weeks. good luck! :)

Fish Aquarium Decorations?

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Steal fish on happy aquarium?

no, you cant steal fish in happy aquarium

A place where fish are kept is called?

Goldfish bowl, fish tank or Aquarium.

What oxygen level should your aquarium be?

The size of the aquarium and the number of fish living in the aquarium determine the amount of oxygen that is needed. The temperature of the water also plays an important role to determine oxygen needs of fish. If the water is above 80 degrees, the need for oxygen increases.

What temperature is necessary for the fish in an Aquarium survive?

26 degrees 26 degrees is in Celsius. In F it is about 77 degrees. In fact most of tropical fish likd the temperature about 75 degrees F. The range is from 70 to 80 degrees. My 75-gallon aquarium I keep at 75 degrees with a heater and my fish are all fine. Sometimes you may need to rainse the temperature to 80 degrees F if your fish contact a disease. Check with your pet store or on the internet to see the specific temperature for your fish.

How do you take care of a guppy in a fish bowl?

Fish in a bowl are taken care of much the same way as fish in an aquarium. The water temperature needs to be regulated, the environment needs to be kept clean, the fish need to get their food. It is far more work than an aquarium with a heater and a filter, but it is manageable.

How temperature in the tropical fish aquarium may be controlled?

You should have a thermostatically controlled aquarium heater, and a good thermometer to monitor the temperature. Although they are sold, don't use the type of thermometer that you stick to the glass; that doesn't give you an accurate temperature. Use one that goes in the tank itself. For tropical fish, I have had the best success with the temperature about 75-78 degrees F.