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If Adolph Adolph Hitler dead?

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His name was Adolf, and yes he is dead, this past 68 years.

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How do you meet Adolph Hitler?

Just in case you didn't know: Hitler is dead.

What does Adolph Hitler need?

Since Hitler is dead he does not really need anything anymore.

Why the Adolph Hitler kill Jews?

no one can really answer that question besides hitler... and he is dead. We can only assume it was because he hated them

Who killed adolph Adolph Hitler?

adolf Hitler commited suicide.he was not killed by anyone

Has Adolph Hitler got relatives?

There are no surviving relatives of Adolph Hitler. His family is extinct.

Was Adolph Hitler Freemason?

Hitler was not a Freemason.

Was Adolph Hitler communistic?

no Hitler was totalitarianist

Was Adolph Hitler addopted?

No, Hitler was not adopted.

Did Adolph Hitler Have A Dughter?

No, Hitler did not have any children.

Did Adolph Hitler had chidern?

No, Hitler did not have any children.

Was Adolph Hitler the primeinister?

Hitler was the Chancellor of Germany.

Was Adolph Hitler super?

No, Hitler was a maniacal murderer.

Did Adolph Hitler have chilren?

No, Hitler did not have any children.

What did Adolph Hitler joined?

Hitler joined the nazis

Who succeeded Adolf Adolph Hitler?

After Adolph Hitler committed suicide he was succeeded briefly by Joseph Goebbels as per his will.

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