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Ithaca absorbed several older companies and would have acquired their patents, so the 1880 date probably refers to a patent previously held by Syracuse Arms, Lefever Arms, Union Fire Arms, or Wilkes-Barre Gun Company.

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Q: If Ithacas first shot gun was made in 1883 can any one explain the date 1880 on your double barrel 10 gauge and what it would be worth?
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This firearm, manufactured in 1892, is refered to as a Crass Model after its designer. Although this was advertised as Ithacas first hammerless shotgun they were also made, I believe, in an exposed hammer model which can affect the value. They were made in many different grades and guages which can also have a major affect on value. A 12 guage field grade hammerless gun, probably the most common, in poor condition would probably bring only about $300 bucks and that assumes that it is in working condition.

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