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If K-9 refers to a dog then what does K-6 mean?


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November 05, 2015 6:20AM

'K-9' sounds like canine (ca-nine) and is used as an abbreviation for canine units in the police force in America and in some armies. It is also the name of the fictional robot dog featured in the four television programmes Doctor Who (1963-present), K-9 and company (1981), The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007-present) and K-9 (2009-present), and many books and other media associated with those shows. The nearest counterpart; a robot called Motoman K-6 is a real-life industrial welding robot manufactured by Welding Robots.

Otherwise, K6 or K-6 may be:

  • K6 (Mountain) mountain in Pakistan
  • AMD K6, a computer microprocessor
  • Bravo Air Congo IATA code
  • Sonata in C for Keyboard and Violin (Mozart) was the sixth work by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart according to the Köchel catalogue
  • K-6 (Kansas highway), a state highway in Kansas
  • K-6 represents the grades which are traditionally grouped together in American elementary schools; formerly Kindergarten through to sixth grade
  • K6 HMG, a 12.7mm heavy machine gun of South Korea
  • Ka 6 glider manufactured by Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co, Germany.