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Fuel injectors are not opening. They open by electrical pulse from the ecu. You could have a short, a broken wire, perhaps a bad fuse or the ecu could be defective.

You also might have a bad crack sensor on the front of the engine. ECU doesn't know the position of the cylinders therefore no activity to fuel injectors etc...

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Q: If a 1989 Jaguar XJ6 will not start but you have a have spark and fuel and pressure is delivered to the injector pipe however no fuel enters any cylinder what could be wrong?
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What does bo265 mean in a 01 Chevy s10?

No such code B0265. P0265 however means = Cylinder 2 Injector Circuit High.

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Where is the fuel pressure regulator on a 98 ford escort lx?

the 1998 ford escort does not have a fuel pressure regulator. It does however, have a fuel pressure sensor located on the fuel injector rail. It has a connector attached to it and can be removed by taking out the attaching screws and twisting and tugging on it.

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How do you tune up a fuel injection pump on a 2002 7.3L powerstrok?

There is no fuel injection pump the fuel pressure going to the injectors should be about 60 PSI then the injector does the rest. There is a high pressure oil pump which provides high pressure oil to the injectors however a switch monitors that and if it is low the engine will not crank or run.

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How often should you add fuel injection cleaner to you 2002 Chevy Cavalier?

Modern fuels have a fuel injector injector cleaner built into them. However I do recommend you use a good fuel injector cleaner such as Seafoam or Chevron Techron once a year.

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The fuel pressure regulator is located under the upper manifold plenum behind the injector (or spider assembly), because it is inside the manifold no vacuum line is necessary. You should note,however that none of the "popit type" injectors have fuel around them as this is the most common failure of this fuel system.

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