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- Look for / smell for- RAW gasoline spraying/leaking. check your fuel injectors if any are leaking, if there is any fuel leaking it must be repaired prior to resetting the button in the trunk located on top of the passenger side strut tower, theres a hole, in that hole theres a button, it might need to be pulled back up if it feels as if it has already been depressed, put your finger on the side of the button and pull it up, then push it down and start the car, this will ONLY work if the fuel leak, be it a faulty injector, a line that is leaking etc... has been repaired, otherwise it will do no goid pressing the fuel cutoff reset switch, it will only trip the sensor again.Ford was concerned about electric fuel pumps running with ruptured lines after a collision. Tracers/Escorts were equiped with sensors to detect collisions and shut off power to fuel pump. Owner's manual notes that even bumps in a parking lot might be enough to trip sensor if force was applied in appropiate direction. Reset button is located in trunk over right side wheel well. There is a small hole, insert finger and push down to reset. I have seen this problem confound seasoned mechanics since the sensor can sometimes be tripped just by setting the vehicle down hard from a lift!

What the fuel cut off means is - Fuel WILL NOT BE SPRAYING IF THE FUEL CUTOFF LIGHT IS LIT ! Ignore trying to start it over and over aslong as the cutoff light is lit, it will nlt drain your battery. heres some more good information to know what to look for, and where to start- if your Tracer is (Dirrect Injection) fuel Injected, it will have 1 injector per cylinder, located on the top of the engine back side, under the intake manifold, they are in a row going left to right and angled/slanted down and forward on top of the injectors connected to them is the fuel rail, it can be removed easily, 2 bolts hold the entire rail and all injectors inplace, one bolt on the right and the other on the left. If your tracer has TBI is Throttle Body Injection, it will almost look like a carburetor, but it will have 1 or 2 fuel injectors visible after removing the air filter.

ya figure out what your cars problem is. for all automechanic questions

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Q: If a 1990 Mercury Tracer stopped running when the Fuel Cut Off warning light came on what does this mean?
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